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Full Version: Candingham Meet?
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Thats a good point. CAth you still have my mob don't you? Hope Wyvern does too. If not PM me hunny. Just packed the tent. Can't fit air bed in though so will have to borrow one/ blankets to sleep on. Sorry!
Aye the tent would be handy as Im still unsure about the lord SPS tongue.gif
No worries about the rest though m'dear I can rig up something comfy for you to sleep on, if Cath can supply an air pump as mine still hasnt resurfaced.
Oh hows Smiler for bedables?

I still have your number unless you've changed it since last time tongue.gif

Hole wise I think Im okay for the mo although I am planning another but no descisions yet so I'll save it for another one.

Sorry I didn't answer sooner, have been a tad scatty recently.

Oh aye and if anyone requires my number either grab a forumite who has it or PM me!
I think Smiler is bunking in my tent. That was our plan anyway. Protection from the dogs and all
Does anybody know what time they are arriving yet?

Should we arrange a time/place to meet up - we seem a little disorganised!
Well so far I have all my lot aiming to arrive Friday afternoon/evening I believe.

Cath--> Exact arrival unknown as yet
SPS--> About 3:30 ish I think?
Smiler and Ryn--> 7:30 ish?

Im all up for an general assemblege on the friday if anyone else is? Allowing time for persons to deposit stuff, sort tentage/cardboard boxes/ sleeping bags or draw lots for snoo floorage and depending on confirmation of various arrival times how about a casual sortie in the evening?

As for the Saturday our previous invasion of the train station appeared quite successful. How about we stage invasion two?

All we need really is a time slot to begin our highly skilled and completely inconspicuous lurking ...any suggestions? tongue.gif
Smiler and I may be a bit later than that Wyvern. Our train leaves Kings Cross at 17:55 and arrives at Notts at 19:50. Beaing in mind trains etc I'm predicting us being there at 8:30 latest. Thoughts of pitching tent at stupid o clock may not be a good idea so perhaps floorboards andpuppies on friday night and tents on saturday?
I'm arriving on Saturday at 12:40.

How does a 13:00 meet-up at the train station sound?

Has anyone got any plans for where we are eating yet?

Shall we try a different pub this time? (Assuming that there are other decent ones around?)

Snoo: What do I need to bring along with me? I've got a sleeping bag and a towel: will I need anything else?
Cath Sparrow
Me and Wyvern were thinking of surgesting the Old Angel for a differnt pub anyhow.
As long as we can get cheesy mash I don't really mind!!!!
Cool. So, is everyone going to be okay with a 1 o'clock meet at the train station?
I am pretty sure that's fine with us. Us being me, Cand, snoo, and Dan. We don't have anything planned for that day other than the meet that I know of.
Cath Sparrow
I think we might just be able to manage that.
Hurrah, we're getting organised, so:

1pm meet at train-station

??? Eat somewhere ???

Drink at Old Angel in the evening.

Where are we going to eat? Pizzahut is an easy choice, but are there other ones? Could someone make a decision on this and book a table. It's always tricky to find seating for a big group on a Saturday and I'd rather not spring it on the waiting staff (it's a bit rude).
I won't be in Notts until tomorrow afternoon but I should be able to get into town to book a table at Pizzahut or pizza express or whatever it's called if you fancy a change.
If anyone has a strong preference... or Wyv has a better idea let me know!

Sleeping bag and towel is good, can't think of anything else you'll need... not sure if I'll have enough pillows to go around so maybe a big comfy jumper that can double up as a pillow? Same goes for anyone else staying at mine.
I wont need a pillow at Wyvern's, one of the fluffies ACTUALLY liked me and didnt mind for a while last time. It was Red that had a problem- dont think he liked my gingerness, but thats going away in the morning, I'm gonna shave wink.gif

I'd say 8 - 8.15 for the trains, if we could be met at the station it'd be grand for that sorta time with 8.03 being an outside bet. We'll buzz if we know we're going to be any later.

UUber excited now biggrin.gif:D:D:D YAY
I second Smiler's Yay YAY YAY!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I had so much fun last time that I just know that this one will be just a sgood. Shall we check Kizah's note to see if it's been changed?
Sir Psycho Sexy
So far I have my bag (had to steal it back from my sister), sleeping bag (which only comes up to my chest) and double air bed in one place....a few other clothes and I'll be sorted...not much really...totally unprepared though tongue.gif

Edit: It's light late into the night, it'll be easy to set up a tent at about 8ish....maybe later if we have torches *packs torch*
Just wondering, are there any plans for Sunday (basically how long is the meet probably going to last)? 1 PM meetup (wow... I can't help thinking of that as 8:00 NY time, seeing as I arrived in London yesterday) and Pizzahut is fine with me.

Oh, and now that I'm on a British computer, I finally get to do this:
Wheeee, that was fun!
Glad to see you're coming Gerbil dear.

Well I reckon the meet may linger a little, I know at least one of my guests is here until monday. Also as Ryn appears set on cheesy mash I think Sunday lunch at the Royal Children may be on the cards?

Right lets see one tent pitched and airing out, holes dealt with blankets assembled and torches located. Edibles still to be purchased but apart from that all is set and ready for action. biggrin.gif

Gerb is coming? Yay!

I'm going to have to go through everyone's RL names again. I'm rubbish with them...

Personally I'd prefer Pizza Hut to Pizza Express. I find the latter overpriced more so than the former, but whatever is easiest really.
Pizza hut let us play with PLaydough last time AND gave us balloons!!!
I hope you all have a jolly nice weekend wink.gif

Ok so how many will be there for lunch on Saturday and is 2pm ok? (last time they asked if we could make it after 2 because that's when they start to quiet down)

Like Erin said, we'll probably do lunch on Sunday and then wander to the station and do crazy things while waiting for peoples trains.
2pm on Saturday is fine by me. Everyone else? We can take a sow wander over there, maybe find a place to grab a cup of tea (or something stronger for those who want it) before lunch.

Lunch on Sunday sounds good.
Ok, I'll book a table for 12 (I count 12ish) at 2pm at the Hut of Pizza smile.gif
Like Erin said, we'll probably do lunch on Sunday and then wander to the station and do crazy things while waiting for peoples trains.

2 o'clock I shall make sure everyone is prodded from their tents and alert then. tongue.gif

Oh and snoo, crazy things? crazy things? since when have we EVER done crazy things?! Well except for..ahem...yes well enough said erm..yes 2pm it is then!
The table is booked at the bigger Pizza Hut for 2 PM tomorrow. biggrin.gif
Good stuff. Thanks! It's always nice to be able to eat.

Gerb, we might have interesting times trying to ge you served in the pub if your account's DOB is accurate... We'll see.

I'm off to bed now. I hope I get some sleep on the train because I'm getting up again in five hours! Eek!
Had a fantastic time. Everyone was really vool and am absolutely shattered. Have got my pictures ready though Faerieryn's piccies: password mouseorgan
"The Cock Sam, and Wytukaze"

Smiler took that terrible, terrible photo...

and what's a Cock Sam?
Oh my god... a link
SHould we unpin this one now? Bearing in mind that we have another thread about this meet up and running?
Yes, we should, but that would require me remembering to do that while the browser window is open, which I was singularly failing to do.
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