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Full Version: Candingham Meet?
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They wouldn't let animals from the US come across unchecked, but rabid fangirls can pass borders without any problems. I demand this be stopped! Down with this sort of thing!


Actually, you're right. I think the chances would be quite high of being bitten back...
QUOTE (candice @ May 17 2005, 10:39 AM)
They way I pronounce Mata is kind of close to Mada, because I have a horribly generic American accent and I find it difficult to emphasize the T.  But, hmm.  I learned how to say Loughborough and Worcestershire correctly.  I will practice.

Me too, don't worry Cand. Though I've been practicing with Mr. Fuzzy's family album sound bite. MA tuh MA tuh MA tuh

crflumbwerzel hmm... maybe just MA tuh
Name: Ryn, faerieryn, Small one, short ass etc etc
Arriveing: either friday evening or saturday late morning/ early afternoon- not quite sure yet
Where I'll be staying: Wyvern's as far as I'm aware
When you're planning to leave: Gotta be sunday I'm afraid. Damn work!!
Number of people so far: 4
Name: moop, Ste, moopSte
Arriving: Friday sometime, probably
Staying: Chateau snoo, no doubt
Leaving: No idea
Number of people so far: 5
QUOTE (Mata @ May 16 2005, 07:14 PM)
Actually, you're right. I think the chances would be quite high of being bitten back...

And I have a silly fear of being bitten (which means I really should stop threatening other people with biting!) Although...I could charge actual fangirls for the privilege of touching the spot where Mata bit me. Judging by the amount of people who refer to you as "God," I think I could make a killing! tongue.gif

In other news relating to names...I've found that I sound like an American who is trying very hard to seem British when I pronounce Mata properly. dry.gif It also takes a bit of concentration. So...if I do end up calling you Mada, you may call me Cand-eese. But Candykins is still off limits! tongue.gif
QUOTE (candice @ May 17 2005, 12:45 PM)
In other news relating to names...I've found that I sound like an American who is trying very hard to seem British when I pronounce Mata properly.  dry.gif  It also takes a bit of concentration.  So...if I do end up calling you Mada, you may call me Cand-eese.  But Candykins is still off limits! tongue.gif

Poor candykins.

*flees bitey death*

Don't worry, when I first decided to change my name with everyone (I've been using it for over ten years, but only bothered correcting people for the last six) I was in the US, so I'm very accustomed to Mada smile.gif
Cath Sparrow
Name: Cath, Cathryn, Anti Cath if you reeeealy have to dry.gif
Arriving: some time Friday sort of depends of other stuff
Staying: Wyverns whether she likes it or not tongue.gif
Leaving: Sunday maybe Monday depending on stuff
Number of people so far: 6
Ahh slight glitch, I might not be able to sort out that weekend.

I'll see what I can do though. huh.gif

Just checked, Im not sure I'll be about but all those abiding at mine are still welcome as I'll be about evenings its just the days I might be absent. sad.gif

Cath knows it she can have keys if necessary, its just with the new job everythings up in the air till I get my start date and stuff.
I'll try and get the time off but I already confirmed that I needed the other dates off. blink.gif

Anyways I'll go work on the bribery and blackmail back ups wink.gif
New July date's a blinder, dont have to book time off work now biggrin.gif Yay!

Names you don't mind being called: Matt, Smiler, Mr Smiley, other variations on happy or smiling Mr Men (copyright permiting), Noisy, Oddly also Max by many people blink.gif

Arriving: Er... Really really wanna come up Friday if timed correctly. May have to be Saturday --> depends on trains

Staying I do believe I'll be hiding under a blow up bed at Wyvern's Weyr

When you're planning on leaving: Sunday afternoon sometime I suppose *shakes fist in the general direction of occupation*

Number of people so far who have confirmed: 7
Well although Im not 100% sure how much I'll be about I'll still be about so here goes...

Names you don't mind being called: Wyvern, Wyv, Erin, Eddie, Oi Vicious, biter, giggly, little un mot variations on the small theme. Oh, and if you are all really good I may tolerate Wyvy however for the moment the jury's still out on Momma. *glares Smilerwards*

Arriving:As I live here Im here whenever brave peoples wish to arrive. biggrin.gif

Staying I shall be launching Wyvern's Weyr B&B mark two, this time I think perhaps we shall manage the breakfast as well as the floorboards. tongue.gif

When you're planning on leaving: Leaving? Pah! It is you lot who will be leaving me!!! Heartless creatures abandoning a poor little thing like me to the mercies of empty floorboards. sad.gif

Number of people so far who have confirmed: 8 I believe...
Anyone calling me Candykins will be bitten. tongue.gif

She's bluffing!

QUOTE (Mata @ May 16 2005, 03:37 PM)
*ponders if it's worth it*

If you don't do it once, you'll regret it all your life... tongue.gif

I might be able to attend. I shall look into the matter.
I'm booking train/ coach tickets this week. Does anyone know how easy it is to get from notts coach staion to the town centre or is it not worth the agro?
Cath Sparrow
QUOTE (Faerieryn @ May 23 2005, 01:24 PM)
I'm booking train/ coach tickets this week. Does anyone know how easy it is to get from notts coach staion to the town centre or is it not worth the agro?

If it's where I think it is it closer to the center than the Train dead easy but check with Wyvern or snoo to be sure.
The bus stations are pretty much in the town center, which bus station is it? Victoria or Broadmarsh? Or is there another? unsure.gif
The thing is that it's a cross country coach. I'm not sure whether it's worth the worry. Think I'll just book the train instead
Double post I know but... Woohoo!!! I bought me and SMiler's train tickets yesterday!!!! We're gonna be in Notts around 7:30ish on friday evening so YAY!!!!!
Assuming the date on the first post has been changed to the 2nd or so, as I've heard it has, I can come.

Names you don't mind being called: Paul, Gerbil, or Felix if you feel like it

Arriving: The 2nd

Staying: Not sure yet.

When you're planning on leaving: Whenever the meet ends.

Number of people so far who have confirmed: 9
There is an All-Nighter at rock city on the 2nd, if anyone is interested?

Info can be found... here
(To things in general, rock city also but just generally life is good, Im re-employed, terrorising my new colleagues and bouncing) biggrin.gif

Right my floorboards are all full but if any brave soul wishes to bring a tent as mine appears to have a rather substantial squirrel hole that Id forgotten about, my garden is at your disposal. Its a large one so space won't be a worry.

Thinking about it, if I can get the tent fixed the garden might be a better option all round no small canines to scare Smiler and less chance of being stepped on first thing. Although it only sleeps four so maybe not hmm.... tongue.gif

*wanders off to inspect tent cursing the innocent, cuteness of squirrels with a taste for canvas*
I can bring a tent with me Wyvern which would sleep two but I may have problems bringing things like mallets etc. Also I'm not too good at packing things like airbeds but Tents I can do!
Ohhh sounds good. Mine is a four berth, as for airbeds who needs such luxury when faced with the wonders of bumpy lawns and some random persons toes in your face? tongue.gif

Ok then all those daring mine how do you feel about tenting it? Come on be daring! tongue.gif

Mallets I can do. biggrin.gif
hmmm Mallets! This could get interesting. Does this mean Smiler gets a weapon against fluffy interlopers?
Sorry he already has the unfair advantage of being several times their size. Giving him a mallet just wouldn't be right. tongue.gif

Just a general query roughly how many of us are going to be about for the Friday night I had a quick check back and I think I make it about 7 of us, correct?
I'ma trying to put together the money for this justnow, update on that asap. For now I'll say I should be able to come, don't know when I'm arriving, coming alone as usual and I'll (hopefully) be crashing at snoo's place. Huttah!
So i think i should fill this in, even tho i've talked to Snoo bout it quite a bit on msn. Also if i post here - finally - makes me get my ass in gear and get the train tickets and plan etc... and not keep thinking i'll do it tomorrow!

Names you don't mind being called: Lea, Queenie,

Arriving: Probably on the saturday evening cause i can't get the day off work.

Staying: At Snoo's as far as i recall.

When you're planning on leaving: Not sure... when Snoo kicks me out?!

Number of people so far who have confirmed: Again i'm not sure... think 10/11? *shrugs* smile.gif
Thought I'd bump this to the top of the pinned topics. That and a quick reminder that it is NEXT WEEK PEOPLE!!!!!

Wyvern are we still thinking about camping in your garden? If so Smiler and I will be getting in pretty late on friday so we may need some light to help us pitch em
I'm also going to be needing somewhere to pitch a tent because Mr and Mrs Jonman are otherwise engaged. I'm planning on coming up on the Saturday, depensing on train times. I've got a wedding to get to this coming weekend, so I've been more busy getting that sorted out before thinking about this!
If you're set on camping, Mata, there's probably room in snoo's garden for a tent. But if you want floor, that's available as well.
Floor would be best, I'd rather not have to hoik a tent up on the trains with me. Cath tells me Wyvern has garden-space available... I'd prefer it if Snoo could confirm the floor-space before I turn down any other offers. Thanks everyone!
Yeah, I have floor space.

So far I have;

Ste, Cand, Dan, Lea, possibly p@, possibly Tara and myself who are staying so if you're lucky you might even be able to have a room all to yourself! ohmy.gif
Blimey! Being the chief really does get some perks biggrin.gif

Thanks Snoo, that would be great, and thanks Wyvern for the offer of garden space.
Wyvern are we still thinking about camping in your garden? If so Smiler and I will be getting in pretty late on friday so we may need some light to help us pitch em

Unless everyone suddenly develops an allergy to the idea I believe it is indeed going ahead as advertised. How late? Late enough for it to be dark? Either way I have lights which isn't a problem and if my memory of old camping trips is clear, pitching at night can be most entertaining. tongue.gif

Also depending on how many people are at mine friday we may all fit in the one tent and pitch the other saturday. Playing it by ear seems best as Im only sure of you two lovelies and the anti-Cath so far. SPS is still deciding if he can brave the loss of comfyness I believe tongue.gif
Mata is snoo-ward bound and Im not really sure about any of the others as yet.

So anyone currently abodeless raise your hands and be counted. biggrin.gif
Not meaning to put a damper on it but it's forecast to rain at the weekend ohmy.gif

Rain? Hah!! We scoff at Rain!!! We is hardy types at Tribe Wyvern, a little rain never hurt anyone!! Right guys.... guys?
Rain Pah!
What happened to the sense of adventure tongue.gif

If the rain thinks it can outwit Ryn and her spangles or dearest Cath on the rampage bring it on!

Besides we have canvas over our heads and if all else fails we have the trusty, tried and tested floorboards. biggrin.gif
Spagngesome rain? hmm..... I think that can be arranged. SPS you'd better not chicken out on us, we need someone to experiment on- sorry did I say that out loud I mean... yeah I do mean experiment on!!
(And yes I do know I'm typing suspension of disbelief guys!)
Yeah come Pat, do you know how scary those three can be! Although... one tent, lots of people, sounds like a clammy proposition. Fan's will be needed as well as lights
You crazy people can keep your tents. I've been camping for over a week so far (still not insane though, thank you very much. tongue.gif Dan). I am looking forward to sleeping indoors for a change. tongue.gif
Fan's will be needed as well as lights

Thats what the open air is for tongue.gif
Cand, Dan, Ste and I will be arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Monday evening so anyone satying with me welcome to stay at mine until they want to leave on Sunday/Monday smile.gif
CAn we bring little feathered head dresses? And a Totem? Or should we just truss Pat up in the middle of the garden and dance around him? He's tall enough!
grah. Bloody buses have failed me for the first time evar.

Megabus services to Nottingham originate from London only. Which means if I want to come I have to travel 12 hours to london then come halfway back up the country again (four, five hours, I think), then do that in reverse again at the end of the weekend to get home. I was willing to put up with it until I checked the prices and its gonna cost about three times what I can afford anyways (and is still cheaper than the flamin train... :@)

I'll look into alternative forms of travel but I can't give any guarantees that I'll be able to make this one now. Phooey.
That's poo, Tara. Really stinky, long, expensive poo.
*blows raspberry*

Not fair gonna miss you!

On a more organisational and less spammy note do we have offical plans for meet as yet?
Erm.. no.

I guess we should probably make some. My vote is for pub on Friday night for anyone who is around, Saturday lunch at pizza hut, pub after pizza hut until we're ready for some dancin' then off to Rock City for the all nighter.

Just my thoughts, any additions/suggestions welcome!
Wyvern!!!! Am I bringing my tent with me???? If so can I borrow an airbed??? Sorry for the whining but I'm in a whingey mood
And also, are we queing outside the Tat parlour again? Anyone getting staped or drawn on this meet?
Possibly me. But you knew that already!!! Anyone else for a new hole?
This is snoo, if anyone needs my mobile number PM me or ask anyone who will have it - Dan, Ste, Cand, Cath, Erin umm some other people...
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