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Full Version: How To Be Able To Sleep In
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I wasn't sure if this belonged in Daft or Tips & Tricks, but it's helpsul so I'll put it here.

Being nocturnal in a morning person's world sucks. I've come up with a few ideas to get out of the house quickly in order to maximize sleep time.

-Have a set path in the morning. For me, it's my room, kitchen, bathroom, door.
-Have important items (keys, wallet, jewelry, cigs, etc.) in one location by the door.
-Shower at night and sleep in your clothes instead of PJs (this may be uncomfortable for your partner if he/she doesn't do the same).
-Avoid any and all conversation with your partner(s)/family/flatmate(s) unless absolutly necessary (unless your partner the huggy, morning type and you don't want to sleep on the couch).
-Invest in an automatic coffee maker and some kind of instant breakfast. Make sure the instant breakfast is something you won't quickly tire of.
-Listen to news on the radio or just listen to the TV.
-Make sure you know where your shoes, jacket, bag and other similar items are.

That's it from me. Anyone else have any ideas? Questions? Comments?
Don't have Fruit'n'Fibre for breakfast. The raisins take too long to chew.
If it's something that you can eat on the run, it gets my approval.

Cigarettes make a good breakfast and can hold you off until brunch (I can't eat solid foods in the morning [long story] so I eat brunch).
Sir Psycho Sexy
a couple of nutri-grain bars are always good for on the run, toast is also pretty portable, buy a hat, saves having to brush/comb/style your hair in the morning tongue.gif
Oh, I forgot about that. I have a nice beanie for colder days and a sweet Bacardi ball cap for not-quite-as-cold days. I also have a nice assortment of bandannas for those it's-really-hot-and-humid-and-my-hair-looks-like-utter-Hell days.

There have been more than one occasion where I've just styled my hair at night using the same techniques I use to spike my hair (and boy does that last; imagine having spiked hair for three days on end) and just wear a bandanna overnight to keep it in place.
Usurper MrTeapot
My hair style is my bed hair, I love it.

There was a kid who got on my morning bus with a plastic bag off loose dry cereal, thats a clever trick.
Dry cereal in a baggie... yeah, that one works. It's best if you don't even care about your hair. If you can just manage to roll out of bed, grab whatever is on your dresser or wherever you are leaving all your necessary items including breakfast-in-a-bar, then run for it... that's the best. I used to have Luna bars for breakfast. Chocolatey goodness that was super healthy and had lots of vitamins and stuff. Or keep in the fridge a plastic cup of milk with a straw in it that you can toss on your way. That works quite well too.

Single bottles of OJ, milk, and all those smoothie drinks were totally made for the sleep in until the last possible second then run for school/work/play type people.
Have a wife that you can convince to get up half an hour before you and cook you breakfast.

It's a nice idea in practice, but I haven't quite got it to work yet. Very selfish of her, I think.
Sir Psycho Sexy
you could always "forget" to set your alarm...that way you sleep in accidently, not your fault...though you can probably only get away with that at places where attendance isn't lectures tongue.gif
Make sure you know the quickest route to wherever it is you're going, and exactly how much time you need to get there.
Along those lines, get a radio alarm clock to wake you up with travel news so you know which routes to avoid.
Train you cat so he wants his breakfast at EXACTLY 6:32 am.
Then at EXACTLY 6:30am he will jump on you and smack you in the face with his paw till you get up.

Put kettle and coffee making equipment next to place where cat bowls are stored.
Take care to pay attention our you can find you are drinking coffee out of a dish with a cartoon fishy on it, and that cat's trying to get his felix out of a mug on the floor...
QUOTE (snoo @ Apr 11 2005, 03:10 PM)
Along those lines, get a radio alarm clock to wake you up with travel news so you know which routes to avoid.

That's actually a really good idea. I don't drive, but those out there who do could use that tip.
depressed lonely crazy person
pack your bag the night before
keep cereal in the glove box if you drive
only turn the TV on if you know it'll be boring also try to find a morning show with the time on the screen
Oh, if you're a heavy sleeper like me and my brother, get an alarm clock that's loud and annoying and put it across the room so that you have to jump out of bed in order to turn it off.
depressed lonely crazy person
I used to have a string of alarm clocks set to gof within a minute of each other along where I had to go to get out of my room to the kitchen and then lounge room.
Don't eat breakfast.

Aquire a girl/boyfriend that keeps you up all night so you dont have to worry about sleeping in.
the boyfriend/girlfriend one is probably my favourite thus far (and much fun in practice, although sleepy when you're trying to concentrate the next day...)
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