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Full Version: A Series Of Poems And Such
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Sometimes I wonder where I'm going,
often I question where I've been.
But I never really am quite sure
Just where it is I am.

Of Friends:

Why must you ignore me?
Why don't you let it show?
Why do I feel so hurt,
When I love you so?

What have I done,
To earn this isolation?
What must I do,
To earn your admiration?

I spent so long,
Knowing it was true.
I never doubted
That I loved you.

But soon I found
What hurt me most,
You already had
Another to boast.

I understand what came to be,
That you were one not meant for me.

I pray that you are happy always,
That we'll stay friends,
And welcome new days...

She Never Knew:
There is, in fact, a fate worse than death.
A fate that you have no control over:

Imagine the joy you feel when your heart is stolen.
The joy of being with the thief.
Doesn't know that she's stolen your heart,
Doesn't know she can crush your dreams.

Now tell me, what do you do?
What do you do,
When she doesn't know?
In the Of friends poem
i like the repetition of questions at the beginning
Your poems are very inspiring
they just broke my heart
Again, the problem with the poem is that it's dull. The imagery and language that you use has been used for ages; your poetry needs your own life. I applaud your effort at syllabal/rhyme schemes, but there is something that you (and all poets for that matter) need to realize: Never sacrifice meaning for rhyme. While you might want the rhyme, forcing words sounds awkward, and often breaks the flow of the poem and the rhythm.

Keep writing, refine yourself.
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