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Full Version: Touch Typing Tutorial
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actually a question on behalf of Mrs Jonman...

She's trying to find a touch-typing tutorial for her luddite boss - anybody know of any freeby good ones? I think she's already crawled to find some....

There's a list of freeware and downloads on this page.

It's all in the keywords:
If you can already touchtype and want to improve speed in a fun way then popcap games has a game called typing shark that's great fun.

Otherwise, what Mata said. biggrin.gif
Also, I reccomend getting lots of friends on IM software. That was how I learnt how to type fast about ten years ago. I found a small hack in the college computer system that some of the comp students had also found. I would spend some of my free periods chatting with them. Trying to keep up with seven comp students when you're an art student really increases your typing speed!... Oh bugger, it was more like twelve years ago... Some of the people on this forum probably weren't even born...
The Typing of the Dead is a supercool way to improve typing.
We should really just show him that word search game we got hooked on in Seattle.

I figure he'd just get frustrated when he saw words like Osteotomy or Maxillary and the game wouldn't accept them as real words.
QUOTE (Alanity @ Apr 17 2005, 05:05 AM)
The Typing of the Dead is a supercool way to improve typing.

I'd heard of that before, so now I've got a copy and it's great! I found it really quite challenging, but I hear it's got a good automatic difficulty adjustment so hopefully beginners would still be able to have a good play with it.
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