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cheese is funny
lol... ill take that as a compliment... i think...


birds or mice?
Free Psycho
Does feeding the mice to the bird count? blink.gif sad.gif No? Birds then.

unicorns or centaur?
cheese is funny
unicorns... very beautiful creature

unrelated sidenote- my friend drew this picture of a unicorn eating a rabit and it said "beware of the unicorns"

unrelated sidenote2 - the aquabats have a picture of a unicow... think a cow plus a unicorn...

mother or father?
Free Psycho
LMAO @ random info


liquid or pills?
cheese is funny
im taking it, you mean medicine... well, pills suck... i took too many pills as a kid... but i like the taste of a few of the liquids... so ill go with liquids...

worse? cold or a fever?
Free Psycho
Cold-fever's are fun. You hear things.

loud or quiet?
cheese is funny
loud, constant noise or music at all times... unless im studying or trying to talk to someone... but loudness is the best...

light or dark?
Free Psycho
DARK! I can't stand the bloody light...

Hard or soft?
cheese is funny
soft... i like soft things... like my pillow... or my hair at this moment...

sweet or sour?
Free Psycho
LOL @ mental pic of jon twirling his hair

depends on what I'm eating, silly! But I suppose generally sweet.

fast or slow?
cheese is funny
fast... i love going fast... its such a nice rush...

rollercoasters - like/dislike/never been on one?
Free Psycho
<twitches uncontrollably> NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!! Never been on one, like a real one. I'm deathly afraid of heights and going poor friend learned that the hard way..I nearly had an anurism and an asthma attack before I started screaming and crying to be let out. Made QUITE a scene...

cannibalism or vegetarians?
cheese is funny
im very sorry to hear that...

hmm... ive read on the internet that cannibalism is great... and some of the stuff my mom ate when she was vegetarian... whoa... blegh... cannibalism is the way to go laugh.gif

laughing out loud or on the inside?

(last post for tonight, good night sweety)
Free Psycho
Laughing out loud-VERY LOUD. I makes me so mad when people look at me funny cause I give a good laugh. Piss on them. Plus I really don't have good laughs very often-I like them!

soggy or moldy?

(gn jon!)
but it looks like this has died and is rotting inits grave.
natural death or murder? unsure.gif unsure.gif
MURDER!.... uhh.... i mean..... NATURAL DEATH! unsure.gif

water or air?
the lil' pie fairy
water cause you can actually see it

beef pie or cherry pie??
cherry pie, heated up and with ice-cream... Yum.

Drums or bass?
the lil' pie fairy
ah, i knew you were a god but that proves it! if you ever need a pie, you know where i am laugh.gif

bass....its got funk

electric or acoustic guitar?
Electric... they make some cool noises in the right hands

Sausages or Hotdogs?
Hotdogs... just call me an American... go ahead...

Wednesday or Thursday?
Sun Tsu

vocals or drums?


Neon or Black lights?
Free Psycho
Black lights

country or city?

dress up vs. dress down (casual)?
Casual (me hates dresses...)

pop or soda?

hyper or lazy?
Free Psycho
Hyper LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

crystal method or moby?
Crystal Method

Rock or Rap?
Rock Rap

actually Rock

(i'm behind so lets hope I don't repeat one)
Jello or Llamas?
Free Psycho
Llamas-they follow you around. Plus jello tastes like spit.

greek/ roman or egyptian mythology?
egyptian mythology......i used to be able to read hyroglyphics

eyes or toes?
Free Psycho
Toes-but only mine. They giggle.

breasts or penises? LMAO
hard no pun intended.....has to be penises

poo or pee?
Free Psycho
LMAO-poo, but only cause it's a fun word.

ocean or sky?
ocean, i can get lost staring at it more easily

exercise or lazyness?
Free Psycho
Lazyness-I hate exercising.

Running or jumping?
Jumping...and I don't know why

Shoe Laces or Velcro?
Laces even though I can't tie them for crap.

Candles or lamps?
Free Psycho

bottons or zippers?
zippers. buttons are hard to use


oreo's or double stuff oreos
Free Psycho
DOUBLE STUFFED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chocolate chip or snickerdoodle?
chocolate chip, but only cos I dunno what the other thing is...

coke or pepsi?
dr. pepper......but pepsi

(snickerdoodle is a cookie that is covered in cinnamon and sugar.....really yummy)

buddah or ghandi?
Free Psycho
Buddha-he looks more cuddly. Don't ask.

revolution or revolt?

christmas lights or headlights?
xmas lights - they so cool!!!

beer or wine?
I think this question's been asked before, but... wine

blue or brown eyes?
Free Psycho
blue wink.gif

snow white or sleeping beauty?
sleeping beauty

lemon or lime?
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