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Full Version: Aaagghh! Virus Attack!
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My laptop computer has been waylaid by viruses recently. I'm using Windows XP and it's been getting worse and worse. Is there anyone who knows how to defeat the vile things, and could you tell me how to give you the information you need to diagnose my problems?
Go to this website and run the virus check:

That's a damn good start!

If will either remove the virus entirely or it will be able to tell you what you have and how then you can just Google for how to remove it.
do you have any idea what the virus is? I have a copy of Symantic that I can send you. We can use yahoo/aim to do a file transfer. But it will take a while. If you can get me the virus name or a discription of the problem I can probably get you a virus fix.
Can you afford to do a format? It could be used as a last resort, but it's 100% effective; so long as you don't have too much data to put back on the laptop afterwards.
You wouldn't be one of those crazy types who uses the internet but doesn't have a virus scanner on their computer would you? If you are, could I suggest getting a virus checker that tells you immediately after getting a virus? AVG is a nice one. And free too. If you have internet access from a different computer, yanking the internet might also be a good idea until you get it sorted.
Anti-virus and Firewall software are absolutely essential for an internet connected PC. They're definitely not an optional extra!
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