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Full Version: The Great General Knowlege Quiz
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[SIZE=7][FONT=Arial]ok so it's just a simple General Knowlege Quiz, i will start and then the 1st to answer asks the next question. No answering again aftersomeone else has unless you are correcting.

What is Bloc Party's new album called? cool.gif
Silent alarm

When is Vesuvius next due to errupt?
2079. tongue.gif biggrin.gif hehe

What is the new Splinter Cell game called?
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

What is the name of Peter's sex-obsessed neighbour in Family Guy?
quagmire (do you spell it like that?)

whats IATB's e-hubby

sorry about that lol
If you mean IATB, then it would be me. Yay! And there isn't anyone who would fit the letters IMTB.

Who died 60 years ago to the day, on the day of the new Pope's Inaguration?
I don't know, but I'm going to guess Adolf Hitler.

How many bits are there in a megabyte?
8,388,608 if you work it using the unofficial way used when referring to computers but officially 8,000,000

How many albums have Nightwish released?
Around eight?

In what year did the City of Men's Desire fall to the Ottoman's?

Stoats, Badgers and Wolverines are all members of which family in the animal kingdom?
They are all members of the Smith family...

There's Stoat Smith, Weasel Smith, Badger Smith and Wolvie Smith. They like bowling and tend to eat KFC every Friday night (except Wolvie who prefers rats).


What is / Who were the Bashibazooks
militia tribemen armed with Hippopotamus-hide whips... OH YA!

what did Evelyn the Modified Dog ponder?
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