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Full Version: Nearly Free Headphones/mic
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Usually 19.99, the site is sending them out with only the shipping to pay to get more people on their shop:

Shipping is 2.99. I'd been meaning to get one of these anyway, so it was very handy for me!
Dang, I bought a set of those a couple months ago and spent 30 dollars on it. I know I probably couldn't get those for free seeing as the site is in the UK, but still, dang.
Nifty. I just ordered a pair.

Mata == teh win today (see Doctor Who thread).
Today I shall be wearing my brand spanking new blue headphones with a built in microphone. -Though I suspect they may have belonged to a Nicole before, as her name is printed on them tongue.gif.

Thanks for the link Mata wink.gif
Mine came today too biggrin.gif
sad.gif None for Americans! sad.gif
*crosses fingers*

Mine was delivered to work, which sucks since I have to wait till tuesday to see if it's arrived.
I've got mine too. Which reminds me, anyone know any good voice recognition software? I hear that the software has got pretty good over the last few years, and it would certainly speed up the process of transcribing quotes from books!
Yay! Mine were waiting for me when I arrived at work today. biggrin.gif
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