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Usurper MrTeapot
Just a moment ago I stepped out of the bath and looked in the mirror. What looked back at me was 'the wetlook'. I have grown to like the wetlook, but how can I keep my hair looking all wet and stuff without washing it every 2 hours? Any help from our gorgeous host of Forumites?


Edit: Preferably no gel, *doesn't like the dryness*
*offers Teapot a block of lard*


I think Wella have been the ones who's TV ads lead me to believe they can deliver the wet look with some gel. Not all gells are dry and stiff, mind.
Hmm, you could try using Brylcreem? It's not a gel but more like a "dressing" for the hair. You can get it in Boots and other chemisty places smile.gif
Failing that we could just stand in strategic places around London with handy buckets of water, oh yes.
According to the girl who sits in front of my in bio (who is also very well informed as far as hair-products go) mousse makes hair look wet. I can tell, because she emerges from the hall every day and I check if it's rained. I warn you though, mousse tends to be very smelly sleep.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
Good smell? Or rotten eggs moulded into rat poo smell?
Perhaps it's just the stuff she uses, but a very strong, cloying sort of "flowery" smell. It fills up a room _very_ quickly.

I believe they do make non-scented mousse, however.
Also, I don't think that all mousse does "the wet look" it has to be "wet look" mousse... I guess.
Generally it's very hard to keep that 'I'm just out of the shower look'. My tip would be to only ever wear a towel and have a friend walk around with you, constantly spraying you with a fine mist from one of those spray-bottles.
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Apr 26 2005, 05:41 PM)
but how can I keep my hair looking all wet and stuff
Move to Atlantis?
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Novander @ Apr 27 2005, 12:49 AM)
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Apr 26 2005, 05:41 PM)
but how can I keep my hair looking all wet and stuff
Move to Atlantis?
* surfaced during the first's not underwater anymore >_> tongue.gif

I have very...strong willed hair, I can gel it in the bathroom after a shower and it looks good but somewhere between there and stepping out the front door it turns to fluff again....stupid hair. I really have nothing to suggest, like tara said, brylcreem could be your best bet....smells nice too! tongue.gif
I'm a big fan of the "wet look." What I do usually is wet my hair down with a spay bottle, comb, take a moment to delude myself into believing that I'm attractive, put down a layer of gel (though in your case, I would a combo of hair balm [Cool Goo or d:fi, if they sell them there] and hairspray with a flexible hold) making sure I get the ends (it's best to get both the top- and undersides around the ends) and then blow dry my hair on low or medium (you don't want to get your beautiful hair all over the place). If done right, you get the "wet look" and your hair isn't a rock.

That's what works for me. I personally prefer gel because it's easier to work with. Hair balm is pretty easy to use; don't get me wrong. But if you're in a hurry then gel's the way to go.
All my hairdressers have always told me to go with hair balm like Ri said. They usually suggest Pomade, which is what greasers used to use on their hair back in the day. I've used it before but it weights down my hair a lot and I don't like the way it makes my hair feel, but then again I don't like the way most hair products make my hair feel so that could be just me. It's usually in the hair care products isle and looks like it's in a shoe polishing tin.
towel dry your hair (not entirely, duh), so it's all messy right. then spray on non-aerosol hairspray, really lay it on there too, not just a spray here and there. do not comb... brush... whatever. let it dry. takes up to i'd say two hours to dry depending on the thickness of your hair.

pomade works too. i just dislike the greasy feeling though.

both of those work for hte messy style or the slicky style. the slicky style just requires combing your hair and then applying hairspray or pomade.

i have a strong hatred for hairgel and my dance teacher tried to make me use it to get the slicky look until i started using hairspray. i think it works better without feeling as disgusting.
I think that there are hair waxes. I was forced to use one once and everyone thought that my hair was wet. So I guess that might work. It feels horrible and greasy though. So perhaps not.
depressed lonely crazy person
If you use alot of hair wax don't go and sit in the sun cos you melt and piss off friends I know my friend Amy did that all the time.
I have a Chelsea and have the exact opposite problem. I wish my spikes in the back would look dry and pointed, not all wet and greasy, because then the back of my head is black and the bangs are brown. No fun.

Don't use wax to make the wet-look. There are a couple problems with wax:

1. It's very thick. And after you're done applying it, you have wax all over your hands, with strands of hair randomly stuck in. It also doesn't wash off your hands very easliy, though I never had a problem with washing it out of my hair.

2. Some of it smells pretty nasty.

3. Any styles you make with it don't hold very well because wax is so soft and usually, especially with spikes, things end up falling flat sad.gif

4. My wax was yellow (it comes in other colors) and if it was too thick, my hair would get discolored by clumps of wax. Icky.

5. You generally don't even get a wet-look because it's so damned thick.

I do have some girly friends that like doing my hair though, and they use mousse all the time for the back. It makes styles stick, and it definitely gives you the wet look. You can probably get it to smell masculine, too. The only problem is when you touch it, your hands get really sticky, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices. I think mousse is your best bet. The one they use is the one with the kangeroo on the front, in the purple bottle. I can't remember what it's called...
The Lorax
Pomade...what kind you need to find out yourself, but pomade should do the trick.
How long's your hair, Teapot? The "wet look" is easier to pull off when you have shorter hair. Mine's gotten to that point where most days it's not worth the hassle and I just tie it back. If your hair's particularly long, you might want to reconsider your chosen hairstyle (unless you're one to keep your hair rather short, unlike me).
Usurper MrTeapot
Its not shoulder length, buts it no way sort. Messy and the fringe covers my eyes.

I'll be trying some of these tips, the moose sounds funky so that'll be first when I get some pence.
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