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I liked the cartoons and the forum seems like a nice place so I thought "Why not sign up"

Im 17 and from Cornwall, England.
Im also dyspraxic so although I will put some effort into spelling & punctuation, they arn't my best skills so I ask people to bear with me. (I spell check in word if I am having too much trouble)

I have been on a few forums before so dont feel I realy need anyone to adopt me, but if any one realy wants to they can.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Hi howdy hey! I'm suffering from sleep deprivation at the moment and writing up a report on a band recording and mixdown, so I'm coming up with some pretty funny typos...high hats keeps coming out as high hates...stupid fingers, and don't worry about it, you're spelling and grammer is better than some who don't have an excuse (that wasn't ment in a bad way, I hope it wasn't taken as such unsure.gif )...who're just lazy tongue.gif


*puts you under the nozzle of an ice cream machine with your mouth stuck open and turns it on*

Enjoy the forums!
Hey, welcome to the forums.

You don't want to be adopted, and I don't want to adopt anyone*, but if you have any questions feel free to IM me.


Hmm. I've become too piraty recently. It probably isn't good for me.

*responsibility scares me.
Hi, welcome to the forums.

*tapes to the ceiling and wanders off whistling nonchalantly*

Enjoy yourself, remember there is no escape. tongue.gif
Hello and welcome and stuff. Have a Yarr! and a random link

QUOTE (Novander @ Apr 27 2005, 01:53 AM)

Hmm. I've become too piraty recently. It probably isn't good for me.

This is also happening to me. I have started saying Yarr and Aye in normal conversation. I also say 'I be' instead of 'I will be'
YARR (when in Rome)
thanks for the welcome

Sir Psycho dont worry I rairly take offence to things that arnt intended to be
Hi and welcome to the forums! My son (who is 7) has dyspraxia as well, have you had it all your life?
Anyway, anything you want to know, just PM on of us on the mod team or ask around, everyone's lovely wink.gif
I was diognosed at 13 but I think you have it from birth
Hail and welcome Chronotub!

I can say without fear or favour this place is great, you get fed, heckled, befriended, fed, exploded, name it we the inhabitants of this place have it with a few minor ommissions of course.

*hands up any-flavour-cookie and a small muttering matchbox*

You'lll find these useful, I've been improving them recently so I reckon its time someone tested them out hence the muttering, impatient little critters. Highly useful though so long as you feed them well. biggrin.gif

Well have fun and enjoy your stay!!!
*hands chronotub a kitten*

Have fun posting and all!
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