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Full Version: Stickman & Brainvoice
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Dave The Bunny
Haha, most amusing.

I like this muchly.
Dave The Bunny
Which is the odd one out: "You", "Genius", "Da Vinci" and "Stupid Person" ?

Clue: The answer is "Stupid Person"
Dave The Bunny
for that, you get a short pengin cartoon

Those are lovely. laugh.gif
These are really good
Me likey, penguins are awesome! tongue.gif
Dave The Bunny

cool, here's another
I like the added touch of "*sniff sniff* it does smell of wee!" on the side. Very nice!
Dave The Bunny
well, it did smell of wee

Dave The Bunny
Finally got the last few of the stickman and brainvoice comics online, still got a lot I still havn't scanned in though.
Sir Psycho Sexy
This comic came up at the meet, there should be more, we're in agreement! Entertain us!! tongue.gif

oh...and *bump*!
Good bumping there. I'd not seen this thread. I like these muchly.
tv with legs
i like these alot.MAKE MORE
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