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Full Version: A Friend Of Mine Made An Animation That
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My friend Larry made an animation for his end of year at uni, it's the third link down on this page. I think it's really good, especialy as I've never seen any of his work. Oh, and two of my friends are in it as well biggrin.gif

That's really very good. 'Hope he gets a good grade for it!
I really liked it. The part at the end went a bit fast so I had to pause it to read it, but I really liked it.
I can't watch it sad.gif If I click the links on that page, they just open up the same page in a new tab.
Hmm, not too sure about that CM. It's not my site. Sorry sad.gif Mebbe you could try using a differant browser? The only other thing I know that might be relevant is that it is a QuickTime movie.

Edit: Have you tried right lciking, 'open link in differant wndow/tab'?
Tried it in IE and it loads, I now have the sound, but not video. Hmm.
QUOTE (CheeseMoose @ May 3 2005, 04:31 PM)
I can't watch it sad.gif If I click the links on that page, they just open up the same page in a new tab.

It kept being blocked by Firefox's popup blocker for me, which gave a similar effect. If thats the case click the icon on the yellow bar that appears above the page and unblock popups for the page (the page uses javascript popups for the videos, which get mistaken for ads). Not sure why you get no video though.

I liked it but I already told you than in IRC. tongue.gif
Nice animation. Interesting we live in a time where uni students can take animation courses.

Also, did you know the thread is called 'A Fiend of mine...'?
Oh, bum fluff. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't think it wa sa specific animation course, as I remember him having to use Final Cut a while back. Animation has been about for a while for people to study to the best of my knowledge.

Mod, mod, any passing mods? Could you be ever so kind and change the 'Fiend' to 'Friend' please?
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