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Hiya! *wave wave* I'm the Crazy Newbie on the forum! (altough I go to other forums, this is my most recent I joined)
I'm XxShadowWolfenNinjaxX but you may all call me Edward or Ed for short! ^.^ Most of my friends call me that, I guess it's cause I'm so much like Edward for Cowboy bebop, hehehe ^.^, ANYWAYS Nice meeting you all, Hope We can be friends, Yay! *bounce bounce* But if I start to drive you crazy let me know, I do that sometimes, like that nice lady that use to live next door, but thats a different story >_> Ok well if you look at my info you'll see basicly all my hobbies and junk, If ya wanna chat with me or something I'm here! But I'm odd, and get hyper off sugar sometimes, Its fuuuuuun....

(0 0)o <~ A little stupid bunny....
Mr Fuzzy
How do, and welcome to the forum. I liked the Radical Edward sig image, but it's a little too large for these here parts. For the time being I've taken it away, but if you shrink it down a spot it'll be nice to have back. As a guide a sig should be somewhere from the height of your av to the length of your average post.
Quoth(The Raven)
Welcome aboard! Just remember that there's insanity, and then there's inanity, and many of us (Myself included) have trouble telling the difference, sometimes... laugh.gif Just calm down a bit, let the real you shine through... we don't bite (unless you ask really, really nicely...).
Hmmm Yes I see, OK then, I get hyper sometimes, And scare people, It's funny, OK no bitting please, I'm the one who bites people, But I don't think I can do that though a computer now can I? O.O *presses face on computer screen and waves*
Quoth(The Raven)
A period, a period, my kingdom for a period! laugh.gif (Or, for you Brits, replace 'period' with 'Full stop'...). The only periods I could detect in Ed's posts were in her smilies... There's a joke in there, somewhere, but I have no desire to go searching for it... laugh.gif
Watch out for low flying Kittens!
.....Ummmm.......I'm a girl.....
Quoth(The Raven)
ooops. Sorry about that...forgot to check your sig... blush.gif

All fixed, now! laugh.gif

Wanna winged Kitten?

,תוגה-הפש דמוע ודוע
,תוקלוד ויניע ,ןועטפהו
,דונמה רעיב שושו
!טוקנו עעוב

And so, thy shalt consider thyself truly smote, by way of the poety of the right Reverned Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, in Hebrew form, because I feel like that today.
........I'm not even gunna try decoding that if it's ok. And.....Winged kitten? Can you tell me more of this? Does it have something to do with the ramen god of food? O.O
Right. Hi. Just for future reference, you should speak on this site as if you were writing an English report. An incorrect spelling here, a grammatical error there are fine, but Mata is fairly strict on his "talk sentiently" rule.

Anyway, welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay.

some bit about coffee and Capcom or some such
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (ShadowWolfenNinja @ May 15 2005, 08:24 PM)
.....Winged kitten? Can you tell me more of this? Does it have something to do with the ramen god of food? O.O

Goddess, I hope not. Gwen would cry...
Hmmmm I see. I like ramen, I could live off it, which I basically do, and Slushies. I know about my spelling and grammar, I'm trying! Please don't hurt me, I have a spork and I'm not afraid to use it! O.O
*arrives, thumping Grammar Stick against palm* Did I hear a punctuation complaint?
*evaluates the situation*
*gently slides Grammar Stick back in its holster*

Welcome to the forums.

*swooshes cape dramatically*

Tenacious C
You remind me of me when I was about 14-15 years old. What scary years those were.

Anyway, welcome.

*gives you a milkshake laced with Ritalin*
O.o I'm rather scared now...*Goes off to hide in backyard again* Anyways, I'll try better at the grammar and spelling and fishcakes. Please don't hurt me, I'm just a dumb noob! *Does a little innocent puppy face*
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (Quoth(The Raven) @ May 15 2005, 10:31 PM)
QUOTE (ShadowWolfenNinja @ May 15 2005, 08:24 PM)
.....Winged kitten? Can you tell me more of this? Does it have something to do with the ramen god of food? O.O

Goddess, I hope not. Gwen would cry...

Sometimes a flying Kitten is just a flying kItten... You love 'em, you don't eat 'em. Unless You're Mata...
Ohh a new one that moop and Cath haven't found yet...YEY!!!

*hands over any-flavour-cookie and a small giggling matchbox*

Right for reference only open that in dire emergancies when you have a cookie on hand. If it gets unruly feed it till it sleeps.
Should you get lost let it loose and get ready to run. In theory it'll lead you to a familiar point of reference very rapidly, usually the Tribe Weyr but I can't promise that just incase. blink.gif
*pats matchbox affectionately*
Otherwise enjoy it, these things make great company.

Enjoy your adventures on the forums!
O.o Soooo what exactly is this "It"? and I have a one of my pet tarantellas Victor who eats all the cookies and walks me around in case of lostness. (although I hafta hold him in malls so the old ladies don't hurt him, my poor baby sad.gif ) and uhhh 'bout the winged kitten thing, OK I guess...
Why, hello there.

I never really liked Coyboy Bepop, but I never really gave it a chance. Watched a minute of it and got bored.
I go and welcome you and then you go and blaspheme. A pity, really.
I've confused myself and others today, but I do that everyday. Oh well *shuge* I'll go into my coner now and sing the doom song. ^.^
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