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Here is a video I made for a band I'm friends with, Hello I'm Victor, the song is called Do The CEO. I'm sure you never have heard of them, they are really good guys and Chris their vocals has an awsome voice, anyway if you like this song visit their site and check out there other songs. Like shadow people, it is about the "Shadow People" (Meaning ghost) that hang out at there pratice space. That's how I meet them they rent space in the old Manteno State Hospital Bakery, and I talked to them one time and went through the building they were in and told them about my radio station and ever since then we have kept in touch.

Are you sure that's the right link? I'm not having any luck with it.
I just tested it worked for me, you can also go to and click on the link, also you can check out another video I did, it might be a little bit before the file is there it's a big one.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Link works for me. Couldn't hear the lyrics very well though and I'm not entirely sure where the video was going other than stringing a load of old adverts together...
Okay, it worked through the site...

I also couldn't hear the lyrics of the band very well, but it's not really my kind of music so I'm not sure it would make much difference to me!

The video had some interesting slices of Americana in there, and there were times when the images had been tied to the music, but other times they just seemed to stray away into looking like a documentary.

Ah, the 'I Love Lucy' show. That was the first show to ever use advertising. All adverts on television come from that DNA!
Yea, the problem with the lyrics is that they made the demo themselves so the vocals don't come out as well. Also video still a work in progress in some areas. Hello I'm Victor, wrote that song about mental paitents and corprate america, if that doesn't sound confusing.

Anyway I will post any changes I make to it, I will be sitting there doing something and think of something I can change.
Ah, the video might make more sense if we could hear any of the things being said!

Here are the lyrics, this should help a little, they are hoping this summer to get into a recording studio.
Great band, it seems.

Video went great with it, too. (:

Of course, the only dissapointment being that is was rather hard to hear them, but it's rather brilliant. : D
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