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I went to a party a few weeks ago where the guys told me about a silly variation of Halo 2 called vehicles. What you do is go to the Coagulation stage, put the vehicle settings to all warthogs and have at it. Here are the rules:

-When a player spawns, he/she is off limits.
-If someone is giving a ride to someone who has just spawned, both players are off limits.
-If a player kills a player who is off limits, he/she has to commit suicide (grenades work well).
-It is encouraged to steal another player's vehicle.
-Guns and turrets are only to be used on a vehicle when it's on its last leg and there is no one in it, not on other players or good vehicles. They also work well as signal flares when you're trying to figure out where another player is.
-If a player is knocked out of his vehicle, he is fair game.

As silly as this sounds, it's so much fun. THe more players you can get, the better (one on one vehicles sucks). According to the guys, alcohol makes it even more fun. Next time some of the guys are over, break out the Xbox and give this a try.
hee hee

i will try that smile.gif
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