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Is there any particular reason as to why the Poll (New) and the Poll (No New) icons are the same (), or is it just pure laziness?

Just wondering.

Perhaps the Poll (No New) icon could be of a toilet.

Toilets are good!
I have no idea. Maybe it is laziness. They shalt be dealt with using a severe spanking. That'll learn 'em.
If you send a Private Message with only spaces in the title, it becomes impossible for the receiver to read it. I sent myself a private message (I use them and my notepad to ferry work from school to home rather than using a disk) and just put a space in the title and I had to send myself the same thing again and delete the first one.
That'll be a quirk of HTML I expect. HTML only allows one space in common type, otherwise it usually compiles all the spaces into a single one.
O Great Mata,
I remember you mentioning in a thread a while back that you go to suntan beds during winter to counteract the effects of SAD in the darker months. I want to try this out for myself. I had a look round my local suntanning salon place, which will charge me 2 for 4 minutes. The woman I spoke to said 4 minutes would be a good amount of time for me to start with. This all seems fine. I have some SPF20 lotion I bought earlier this summer, will I be able to use it?

Also, when I told a few friends about my plans, they said it was a bad, bad idea because the UV tubes are a more dangerous way to get what I want. Two of them recomended a light bulb I could use instead. I think I know the ones, but I don't think it's the body clock setting with natural light bulb thing I'm after. I think it's more the warm sun type shine to give me some vitamine D happiness feeling, that I want.

Lacking in shine from the sun,
I'm no specialist on these things, but I don't need a big burst of UV to perk me up. When I go I use moisturiser to help the skin stay healthy. The idea is that you are going there to absorb UV (which in itself isn't a great idea anyway) but you do it in a smal enough dose that you don't need sun-block. Blocking the UV I think would probably stop it from doing you much good (as well as the harm... Two way street 'n' all that). Basically you don't put yourself under the lamp for long enough that you would need sun-block, that's only for prolonged exposure.

The sun bulb thingies I think are supposed to work by fooling the brain that there's more sunshine about than we get during the winter. I seem to remember that you needed to spend quite a long time with them every day for them to do much good. Personally I'm not really that keen on massively bright lights anyway!

Any exposure to UV isn't great for you, but I think it's a sliding scale. We're ever going to be getting as much exposure to UV from a couple of sessions with a sun bed as a guy who works on a building site every day. I know it's helped me, but you can make up you own mind!
I was under the impression that SAD was caused by a lack of visible light, rather than UV. I'm reasonable sure (having studied it briefly, but fairly recently) that just having brighter lights was a good way of overcoming it.

Full-spectrum bulbs and "sunlight lamps" can be purchased as speciality lighting products for those suffering from SAD. The most validated of the light therapies is the use of a bright light box for 30-60 minutes daily in the mornings. These light boxes are many times more bright than regular indoor lighting.[6]

From the Wikipedia article on SAD.

It's the melatonin idea that I'm familiar with.
I'm sure my approach isn't a conventional one, but it seems to help me smile.gif
Okies. I think I will still go tomorrow for a couple of minutes. I'll see if it's affected me in a few weeks I guess.

Thanks guys.
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