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Full Version: Invisible Backgrounds
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I know I know how to make something with an invisible background on photoshop, but for some reason I can't seem to remember how.

I have my final project due for my web design class and pretty much all I have left to do on it is figure out how to make those pesky backgrounds go away.

Can anyone help my forgetful self?
ermmmmm ... depends what you mean.

IF you have a bitmap that you want to be partially transparent:

- select the bits you want to keep, with the Mask tool, for hours on end
- copy this to the clipboard
- say "New Pic" and it will give you what you copied on a transparent background.
- now make it into a Gif file by making it an 8bit palette piccy and saving as. Make sure it gets the message that you want the non-masked bit to be invisible.
- note you can save it as a PNG which gives you all the colors in the world and allows for more/less grade of transparency for each pixel. You'll never get your browser to show it though, and it'll way a ton.

If it is something else, please clarify ...
It might just be the file format you're saving it.

.gif files can have a transparent layer, but don't have sensitivity to varying levels of opacity

.jpg files cannot have transparent areas (it's designed for photographs so has no need for them)

.png is all-singing and all-dancing, but not great for use on the web as some browsers have problems with it.

Of course, it could just be that you literally mean 'how do I stop Photoshop filling in the background colour when I erase on the lowest layer?', in which case you just need to double-click on the layer called 'background' in the layers window and accept the default setting in the pop-up box. Ta-da, a layer that can be erased through. smile.gif
Yeah it was just getting rid of the background and dang that was too easy to do, which is why I don't know why I forgot. Thanks!

Now who wants to help me figure out why my whack a something game won't whack the something for my flash final? laugh.gif jk........for now laugh.gif
Hey, anytime Lo ... as well you know ... you throw me the whacker and I'll whack it back with bells on, lady ...
If only there were someone around here that knew how to use Flash...

If you need help, give me a shout.
If I can't figure it out tonight when I get home from work I will certainly be begging for help since my game is due tomorrow by 10 pm (pst).

Basically I figure I've either got my wires crossed on what an instance name is and how it is used, or I've royally messed up my code somewhere.

The website I went to said that I needed to put an instance name on my character for the coding, which I did on the movie clip of the hole the thing come out of, since that's where my button is placed and that's where I figured it should work.

All my code for the button is right now is just on(release) with those little {} where they are supposed to be placed. (theDemon is my instance name).

Anyway when I load it in the testing movie option, it tells me there is one error, so I'm pretty sure it's one of those two things. If it's not then I have no clue.

My teacher had us use this tutorial website which has step by step instructions on how to make a whack a pig game. Everything else works, just not the whacking on mine. Needless to say I score really low on my game since it won't wack.

I figured when I got home that I would just start from scratch and do it again to see if I could figure out what I did wrong. Who needs sleep anyway? laugh.gif
Mail the FLA file to paul at and I'll fix it if you so wish. I shall also explain what was wrong. Ya gotta send it to me, not mata, cos I bagsed it, and those are the rules ...
First I want to see if I can possibly fix it myself. Sending it to you sort of feels like cheating. laugh.gif

I have to go get finished getting ready for work now.
Usually the error dialogue will give you a hint about where the problem is in your code. What exactly does it say?

(You can send it to Pab if you want, I'm busy and he's just some slacker in a tiny country... They don't get mail there often, you see, so he's very excited about this biggrin.gif Alternatively you could just mail it to both of us and see who gets it done first. It sounds like it shouldn't be anything too complicated.)
I figured out what I did wrong and now it works!

What it was was that I gave the movie clip the instance name after I had added some keyframes which is what made it not work.

For a second there I thought I had messed up again because there was still another error, but and this makes me feel silly, once I read Mata's last post, I finally realized that scrolling up shows the error.

Anywho my game works and thanks for the help and offers of help.
'Glad to be of use in a roundabout kind of way smile.gif

Time for bed for me I think...
Want to whack a demon of weakness?
Starting over doesn't reset the counter tongue.gif
QUOTE (DarkInferno @ May 25 2005, 01:07 AM)
Starting over doesn't reset the counter tongue.gif

I know but when I got done I didn't care to figure out why not. tongue.gif
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