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Full Version: Oh My. I Do Believe I'm New.
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My Word. I am quite already in love with this place. Simply because of it's PHP format.

You can use chosen fonts and not just use the default.

I love you all. Very much so.

Well, I figured a logic way to use one's first topic is to use it as an introduction topic. To introduce oneself. So here mine is. Voila. Goshwow.

Good day. My name is Emily. I am twelve years old and live in London. I tend to look down on other people rather greatly as I find them all inferiors. Well, most of them, anyway. And it seems no matterhow hardI try to hide that personal view, it always escapes and causes disruption.

Don't get me wrong. Everybody's equal. And stuff. *cough*

Lately I've been joining quite a lot of forums because, well. I've just noticed the websites I visit actually have forums.

When I attempted to register to this forum, it seemed that two of my e-mail addresses already were being used on another account onthis forum. I tried all the usernames I could think of in the password retreaval, but it seemed no use at all. So here I am on a new account, probably my firsttopic here anyway, despite already seeming to have other accounts here.

I like to play the guitar. I do not like being accused of playingthe guitar upside down. (Blast that music teacher of mine. I play it LEFT HANDED, darn it.) I like to read an awful lot. Words area beautiful thing. I really, really dislike booksto be folded so that you see only one side and how it damages the spine. It makes me sick to think of it. I'm also known as a neat freak - for small things, anyway. My bedroom is a complete mess, but everything on my bed has to be in perfect order. Except for my bedsheet and dovet. Making ones bed whilst multiple items remain onthe bed is rather difficult. I tend to adjust people's collars rather often. It seems I have some sort of withdrawal symptom if I see someone's collar which is folded up, bent, or anything alike to that.

I have strange habits, for instance, believing I'm fat andI really ought to lose weight whilst eating chips and planning to eat a chocolate cake later. My stationary always has to be facing the opposite side of the zip when the zip is open in my pencil case, when I read or write, the object must be diagonal to the left, and the likes.

Yes, I know my profile says I'm male. Shut up. ):
Hey, welcome to the forums

I think I'll just give a normal welcome this time, 'cause you'll be bombarded by weirdness in the next few posts.

Umm... join audioscrobbler. I haven't asked anyone to do that in a while.
*bleary eyed* Look! It's a noob! That uses proper grammar! *grammar glomps*

H'lo, I'm artist, and welcome to you. It's tradition for forumites to take on new members as their noobs to guide and such, and your grammar and description of compulsive habits so moved me that if you'd like a hand, do PM me. In the meantime, have some complimentary mints while we wait for the welcoming squad to arrive with the cookies and pie. ^^
Hi. I'm Mike and if artist (my husband) likes you,t hen I don't hink that I can be far from me. She's a good judge of character.

Anywho. Some bit about Capcom and coffee.
And while I'm here, I should at least get some whoring for my poetry. If you feel yourself superior, then I should get some decent criticism. Go ahead, tear it to shreads, but justify it, please.My poem
Hey, welcome to the forums, hope you like it here - there are no doors you know. >_>

*duct tapes to ceiling*

Grammar + newbs == Good


*wanders off*
Hi, welcome to the forums. smile.gif
bonjour and welcome
Welcome, as a gift, I give you:

Ille autem gladium vorpalem cepit, et hostem
Manxonium long sedulitate petit;
Tum sub tumtummi requiescens arboris umbr
Stabat tranquillus, multa animo meditans.

Dum requiescebat meditans uffishia, monstrum
Praesens ecce! oculis cui fera flamma micat,
Ipse Gaberbocchus dumeta per horrida sifflans
Ibat, et horrendum burbuliabat iens!

More poetry by the right Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, this time in Latin
*wanders in waving stick with ribbons; followed by six kitten with wings who swoop in a lovely arial display trying to catch said ribbons.*

Welcome to Matazone!

*hands up cookies*

Enjoy your time here.

*wanders back out - heels still catted by kittens*
You people are so utterly awesome at posting replies.

: D

I find it hard commenting a lot of poetry, but I shall try.
And, er. I'll try and give Cowboy Bebop a chance. e_e

And regarding that Latin poem, all I recognised was 'and' and 'flame'.
I've only been learning Latin for a year. D:

-Feeds the cookies the complimentory mints.-
*hands LPScythe a kitten*

You've been learing latin for a year? That's pretty impresive considering That I'm just now learning pig latin biggrin.gif
I was taught some Latin when I was ten, but the school I was at assumed that we would be bored otherwise. I think they also tried us on Russian, French, and German that year.

LPS, welcome to my forums! Don't worry, most of us have superiority complexes around here. I think this stems from us all being astonishing. That would be it. biggrin.gif

If you want to change the gender, I'm pretty sure that there is an option for that in your personal control panel. There's a link near the top of the page.
-Chews on the kitten.-

When you were ten? Woo.
And thanks.
And I don't wish to change the sex. (: I'm at that age people have when they're unsure of their gender.
People do have that stage in their life, don't they? D': Along with the whole wanting to commit poligamy with quite a few dead authors, right? ):

Some schools nowadays try to make you learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, Latin and Japanese as soon as you join secondary school.

Thank God I didn't join one ofthose schools.

Pig Latin's rather easy to translate. A bit like those verbal reasoning tests. A kid in my class is bloody great at speaking and listening to it and immediately understanding. It's bloody amazing.
Hmm...yes, I think today will be a sidling-and-trench-coat sort of welcome.

The crow flies at midnight. Welcome to the forums, Agent Johnson.

I believe I've just noticed the raging paranoia in all of my welcome posts. I suppose you could consider that revelation a gift. Maybe?


Brownies, then.
And I don't wish to change the sex. (: I'm at that age people have when they're unsure of their gender.

Right, Mata, where's the "undecided" option for gender? tongue.gif
QUOTE (artist.unknown @ May 21 2005, 01:50 AM)
And I don't wish to change the sex. (: I'm at that age people have when they're unsure of their gender.

Right, Mata, where's the "undecided" option for gender? tongue.gif

Well, there's transgender and secret.
I wouldn't even use 'undecided'.

Maybe 'psychologically undecided'.
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