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Full Version: Whack A Demon Of Weakness
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My final project was to make a whack a something game in my flash class, and Moop was nice enough to come up with what should be whacked, which is a demon of weakness, so I thought that people might like to play my game, so I'm going to link it and keep writing this very long run-on-sentence.

Whack A Demon Of Weakness
Cool. That works really well smile.gif Nicely done.

They never taught me anything this interesting when I was at school.

Then again, back then I was considered a pioneer for discovering the new technology that was the transparent gif, so there wasn't much of this kind of thing to learn!
Fun, but would you possibly change the slapping sound. It's kinda..'harsh' on the ears, and I feel that it would be better with a slightly more 'comic' sound.

Just my two pence.
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