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Full Version: The Secret Behind Fanta Z
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[FONT=Arial]I recently went into my local Tesco and looked at at can of Fanta light, I also loooked at a can of the so called new Fanta Z. I noticed that although the advert clearly states that no-one liked Fanta Light the ingredients are the same but in a different order. This means that they are publicly lying & insulting their own product while trying to make it sell better!!??? This would be a good sale tactic if someone like me (Beatiful, Funny, Interesting, Talented & Clever) had not pointed out the blatent flaw of not changing the recipe!! Tell everyone you know (or alternatively tell yourself repeatedly)
You can also alternatively prove me wrong (which is not hard conisdering i'm a dumbass) (a very beatiful dumbass i might add)
Also sorry that I put this in games i got confused as i'm new to mata. Isnt it sad that i'm the only person to have replied to my topic. I may as well be talking to myself (which I am quite fond of)
Well its not the same recipe if the ingredients are in a different order. That just means they changed the amount of the things that were in it. Like if sugar was last on the list last time, they maybe only put a pinch of it in. But if it was first this time, they maybe put like 3 cups of it in. Sort of not the same recipe...

But good work, and please continue trying to ruin the corporate masses!
QUOTE (Apollyon @ May 22 2005, 01:21 AM)
  Like if sugar was last on the list last time, they maybe only put a pinch of it in.  But if it was first this time, they maybe put like 3 cups of it in.  Sort of not the same recipe...

I agree... although Fanta Z does look like the Fanta Light (the low fat type) and does have more or less the same taste. But yes they probably just changed the recipe a bit and made it tasty but fat free.
btw this is what i go from a little thing i call the internet:

these are the ingredients:
Carbonated water, sugar, orange fruit (5%), citric acid, acidity regulator (E331), preservative (E221), flavourings, sweeteners (sodium saccharin, aspartame), stabiliser (E412), colour (beta-carotene). Contains a source of phenylalanine.

looks pritty rank to me
Yes, Quite, It looks like pure sheet. (As i'm sure you guessed I mean another word). But even if they have changed the amounts of everything it can't change the taste that much...can it???...
It looks like it should be sold at Mc Donalds....Oh is... my point proven....kind of....
ahhhh i see your point
depressed lonely crazy person
re-aranging ingredients can massivly change the taste of things, for instance pepsi lite vs pepsi max pepsi max still tastes ghood and has less ks than pepsi lite.
but didn't they just write it in a different order?
They might have made it in a different order as well
Would that differ the taste that much though? I mean itís made by a machine likely itís going to put them in in the same order every time anyway.
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