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Panzer Designs? is a site dedicated to making you a sig. Just sign up, make a request, and a designer will make you one of nicest sigs you could possibly have. Top designers include Instinct, Lao Boy, Fusion, Deviance, aswell as the young master Slim Trashman.

Not only do they make sigs, but they also create forum skins, web templates, desktop wallpapers, and tutorials. There are endless links for new brushes & fonts, and there is even a 'Sig of the Week' competition in which all members can enter their own sig and compete against the Admins & Mods. Also, there is a 'Battle' section, where members can challenge others to a sig-designing contest of their own. There is no longer any spam forums, but there is an Off-Topic forum & an Advertising forum.

This is a very handy forum if you can't find anyone to make you a sig. Also, you should be pleased to hear that all n00bs are treated with respect by the other members. Well. Agent Orange probably won't. But we'll come to him later . . .

P.S. I know I probably can't post this here, but I've been away for a while, and I can't remember the rules or where to find them.
OOOoooooo.... looks fun.
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