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You have just competed in a suposingly scientific thing. But it is really just for me and others to see how many people ignore the sign saying error and the weird numbers. So well done this means that you don't beleve what other people say, either that or it means that someday you will walk into an abandoned mine and get crushed, or that you will ignore the large caution sign on the box of the Annie movie and be forced to gouge your eyes out!

Please leave your thoughts on this test and remember tell knowone! Shhhhh it's a secret!
I clicked on it because I didn't look what forum it was in (I was looking on 'View new Posts') and presumed you had a problem and were asking for help. Not that I am remotely qualified to offer said help, I just wanted to see what it was and what advice you got to see if it might affect me.
Ah ha, and you ended up competeing in a thing! That's fate for you!
I clicked on it because, well, I don't know. The word 'error' is very tempting to me. As is the phrase 'danger of death'. rolleyes.gif
im comfused.... what??

EDIT: i surpose i clicked on it cos it was in games and had your name on it
Yeah, something with the name 'Error!' in Games sounds like a fun game. Also I have no idea what the hell you're on about...
I think i get it. It's a game to see how many people will completely ignore something that says error on it... and how many will be tempted to click.

I clicked because it looked interesting, and cause i look at all the new games.
I clicked beacause, you never know, it might have ended up to be the coolest game in the world...

It's a whole lot more fun to do this in real life. For example, put up a wire fence, and then put up a "high voltage" sign on it, even if it isn't electric. People will automaticly want to touch it, just to see what happens.

By the way, it's even more fun if you jump up behind them and scream as they touch it.
I clicked on this because the suitcase thing was blue
(I don't even know what that means.)
Yes thats it it's a game for me to see how many people completely ignore the sign.
PS. Error is a very tempting word
Dreams On Hiatus
I thought it was gonna be some really cool new forum game. sad.gif Darn you.
why did I click on this again?
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ May 25 2005, 06:05 PM)
I thought it was gonna be some really cool new forum game.  sad.gif Darn you.

Im very disappointed sad.gif I though I was going to get a cookie (because viruses normally come from cookies)
We could always turn this into a game...

Except, I can't yet think of anything...

What about, one person gives a statement, and then the next person has to say whether it's true or false? unsure.gif
You'll not be surprised to know that I clicked it.
QUOTE (Mata @ May 29 2005, 09:49 PM)
You'll not be surprised to know that I clicked it.

But for what reason?

I think Emma’s game idea could work....

Ill start then (because I guess someone has to....)

The most expensive stamp on ebay is over 3,000 pounds

b= (-b+-(square root thing)b^2-4ac)/2a
^^ that was accually true... huh.gif

^ true???

there is such thing as green cheese
Apollyon's is false, though assuming she meant it to be the quadratic formula, it would be true so long as b = x(or whatever variable you happen to be solving for).

Oscar's is true (although it's actually the mould that's green).

Green is the last colour to disappear as you go deeper underwater.
hell it. True.

the rainbow can be seen though a glass rectangle
Ummm, if the rectangle is a prism, therefor being a cuboid, then, true? unsure.gif

The 3 letters at the end of a number plate never include I, Q or Z.
false? i think my car has an I in the last 3....

you share your birthday with over 4,000,000 people. (aprox)
^^ I thought that it was true, but maybe not.... unsure.gif

^Ok, 6.4 billion people in the world (I think). Divide that by 365. I'm too lazy to do the math so hell. True?

There is a large flaw in this game. There's no way to get the answer right. Meh.

In the average back garden, there are over 4,000 species of plant.

the fastest anyones ever done a rubex cube is 16.589 seconds.

answer (only look when done... ant shift (+) is zoom in for Fire Fox people)

ZOOM! --->true... i think anyway... he did it really fast and was AROUND 16 seconds i think...<--- ZOOM!
^^ That was actually false. I just made it up.

Ummm false?

Oh no, I got it wrong.

If every Harry Potter book ever made was put end to end, they'd go half way round the world.

ANSWER>>False! They'd actually god round the world at least once, but I can't remember how many times >.<<<ANSWER

oh dam... Really? thats very cool........

People are now starting to drink horse milk

true. Although it tastes like off cream apparently
umm....true? I don't know why you would, though.

Yay! go me.

When turned upside down in water, a swan can not right it's self.

False, but We're supposed to be getting people to belive that it's true...
Grammar nazis! I beseech thee so!
Yay I got it right!


2 different people down my road own Hippy vans
True. Ones painted like the mystery machine (in Scooby Doo)
I was just guessing, but I got it right!

My name (my real name) means "ship harbor".

True. I was kind of hopeing it would mean something wonderfull like "beauty" or "gracefull" but no....It means ship harbor.

yay i got it right!

Only one person in two billion will live to be 116 or older

Answer>>true... i got it off this wierd website thingy<<Answer
true. I actully knew that one.

It is impossible to swallow your tounge.
False. You can swallow your tounge, but I wouldn't suggest it.
QUOTE (PsychWardMike @ May 31 2005, 08:02 PM)
Grammar nazis!  I beseech thee so!

*dons cape*

You called?

Oh, and I rate this thread colostomy out of ten.
false... it just is not suggested...

YAY... got it right...

it is said that you can fly by 'missing' the ground when falling.
true.. if you live in the reality that is HTTG
Well of course you can... if you live in the world of the HHGTTG!

Oh wow.. right! Almost word for word too!

Humans lose 1 million blood cells every second.

No, actually ppl lose about 15 mill. every second


The Off-brand root beer that I'm drinking right now contains 170 calories.

Hmm... true?


Over the past 10 years, the average bra size of women has went from a C down to a B.

False... i think it has gone up because of plastic surgery and such...
Quoth(The Raven)
I saw the 'Error' in the title, and wandered in... After all, it wasn't MY error, and other people's mistakes can be SO amusing... laugh.gif
considering im a coinissoir of sorts when it comes to this matter... FALSE!!!

and the judges say... CORRECT!!


The Inspiration for my name came from a movie...
false, it came from a book and was modified slightly...
Oh, damn.

Six times eight equals Forty-Two.

True! It's the question of Life the Universe and Everything! (Unless of course you are a square, and then the answer is false)
true, as long as you are referring to HTTG, though it should be 6 times 9...

and the judges say... CORRECT!

my hair color come from a bottle
false... it is naturally this beautiful


I've dyed my hair 2 times.

Nope. I've never died my hair, not that you had any way of knowing, though.
hmmm... no!

and the judges say... CORRECT!

My computer is hand made.
true.. at least MY computer is, this one isnt...

dang. oh well.

You can tell all of the animals that I own, just by looking at my profile picture.

false, I have fish, another cat and a sister too! laugh.gif
false... there is a sinister gleam in those eyes...

and the judges say... CORRECT!


my favorite place to be is there *points over yonder*
true... considering that no matter where you point there is always water there...
Umm... how about false...

I used to practically worship Mata.

Embarasingly true... but now i have seen the error of my ways.
yes you did... i remember seeming pictures of you making pilgrimages to his home....

and the judges say... CORRECT!

i am called GOD by more than one person.
true... at the moment it is up to about 15...
Lets say true.
Hooray! I finally got one right!

If I made a cult, it would be called ASAP (Ashley spies a peanut)

True! In fact, I have that cult!
true, you would actually do such a thing...

and the judges say... CORRECT!!!!

I understand Frank Zappa.
true... i actually could be considered the muffin man he speaks of
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