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Full Version: An Asw Emo E-wedding
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Maybe if you could just for one moment listen to someone else, and try and understand their pain, you''d understand that I couldn't attend *sniff* the wedding due to my wub for you both, seperatly. *wa wa wa* It. Was. Just. Too. Much .Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain. Oh, will you ever forgive me, will you ever know of the mental toremnt I went through not to come here and ASW at the alter, disturbing the joining of your woeful souls? No, no one will ever know og the pain, the hurt because no one ever does. Never ever, no matter how many times I read my poetry to people, they just dont understand. They just don't care. No ones cares. My mother never cared, not my father, not my teacher in year 6, and the one in year 5, actually non of them *cries* diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.

I offer you this stuffed winged cat mobile alarm clock as a wedding present, I hope it will remind you of me, and the pangs of pain I feel every hours, on the hour everyday of my life, ever single day, no relent. Pft, what's the worth, you don't like me anyways, I knew it ever since you didn't PM me back straight away on MSN. I knew you were there, but did you repply? -No. Woe is me.
*drifts in and gazes forlornly at the ceremonial remnants, a tattered veil and dark blood stained floor*

Noooooo......I failed once more to appear at the appointed hour.
Curse this wretched soul for eternity, two destinies entwining together in such deep devotion and glorious despair and this tortured scrap of humanity was too self absorbed to witness and bless such an auspicious union.

*crumples to the floor,clutches veil and kneels hair fanning across the drying stains*

Never will I be worthy, I must scrub this blackened soul till the life left in these veins washes it clean and hope that the this fragile token can hold the essence of such a pure ceremony long enough to redeem me.

*sobs brokenly catching tears of glass and smoke within the torn and stained scrap of delicate lace*

I shall remain here gradually fading from this world until it does or till the bleakness and despair that is my due for such failure shall consume all that I could ever be.
Congratulations to a beautiful pair.
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