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Museum Girl
QUOTE (Daria @ May 26 2005, 05:28 PM)
I want to be a marine biologist. I want to do the opposite of Mata, and become a research scientist (no needless killing involved...) so I can study cephallopods like squid (giant and not-so-giant) and octopuss.
They are just really cool- they have 9 brains, three hearts, a beak which they can bite off your hand with, a jet propulsion system, and can squeeze through a hole less than two inches in diameter.
I'd like to see YOU do that!
And I have recently been reading The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham which has been fuelling my passion...  blink.gif

How do the nine seperate brains work? Surely they'd be in conflict with each other?

QUOTE (CheeseMoose @ May 30 2005, 08:40 PM)
Probably a University Lecturer or a Researcher, Maths or Physics.

I just want to teach but don't fancy coming into daily contact with little kids or 12-16 year olds. They're annoying little beggers (trust me, I am one) and I'd rather not spend the rest of my life with them. But yeah, Uni could be good.

Teaching maths or physics to a bunch of fourteen year olds would be my worst nightmare. Fourtean year olds are the most evil age group and maths and physics are two of the most unpopular subjects ever, not a fun combination.

I want to be a lecturer in History of Art or the art expert for an auction house (money money money for oh so little work). What I would actually like to be is a photographer but whenever I mention this the family go ha ha no.
{Gothic Angel}
Either do a Chemistry degree and (probably) go into research. Find more efficient ways for the planet to blow themselves up. Or something.

Or - Pharmacy degree and become a Pharmacist. This is what I want to do, and what I'm currently working towards. I work on the Healthcare counter of Boots for this reason, and I love my job, so not been put off yet!

Actually, I want to be a musician, but I also want a house and food, so that's gonna have to be a secondary job.
It's like the "how many beans make five" thing. Except instead of two in each hand, and one in your mouth, its one in each leg, and another in your body sack...

How do the nine seperate brains work? Surely they'd be in conflict with each other?
I'd really like to go into medicine, hopefully becoming a surgeon. (Grades permitting.) Or i would like to become a psychologist or psychiatrist as I find that incredibly interesting, particularly learning about mental diseases and how the brain works.
I also think i might want to go into medicine. Maybe an Optometrist or a dentist or just a regular doctor. I'm not sure . either that or something sciency like studying chemistry or something.
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