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My description come from my favorite song by ELP(Emerson Lake and Palmer): Karn Evil First Impression.

So.... What does your desription come from?

Is it a song?

Is it a memory?

Is it even *gasp* a bad thing?

Tell all in this amazing thread, brought to you by the makers of Insanity®: Gauranteed to make you feel insane!
Its from a London After Midnight song.
For my third year project at uni, I'm going to be looking at ant colony optimisation and its use in heurisitcs.
ah.... was wondering about the heuristicness of that... KOOL!

London After Midnight? never heard of them... must fix that....
It's a line from Monty Python and the Hold Grail. When the dying old man gets SPANGed by his son. Also, if you've seen spamalot, it's a song too. And I'm always one breath away from holy SPANGing so it amused me.
Because its true.
Umm... long story short, i was crowned Apollyon, empress of darkness and the undead in 8th grade...

Seems a little wierd and poser-gothy now, but o well...
...Douglas Adams.

It was a line in a Modest Mouse song "Bukowski"

The lead says it in such a low, deep, soft growl that it sounds as though he's going to pounce on you and rip your throat out.
Mine's pretty self explanatory. As the token conservative, I went with that. tongue.gif
Calvin quote, like all mine are.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Because I really have been. biggrin.gif

Also, it's a variation on a Cradle of Filth T - shirt I have.
Usurper MrTeapot
It was changed for the emo thread.

Because it matches the av. :P

(also because I'm unimaginative!)
Cath Sparrow
I get to be even more unimaginative I'm working my way through the defaults list!
Mine used to be a line from the mice on the mouseorgan song from Bagpuss. Now it's a quotation from sluggy The character who says it is a ferret who is easily distracted by shiny things, gets high on sweets very quickly and Poings about incessently. Obviously me!

Ooops just realised that I changed my member description a couple of days ago. I chose this one because people seem to have a real fear of faeries eating them which I feel is entirely wrong. We like people but we couldn't possibly manage a whole one! (unless there were a lot of us!)
I read it on a medicine bottle. I like it when it says that because my parents never do and so I can always hold medicine bottles when I want. Except, I don't really want to hold medicine bottles, except when I have nothing to read... I think I'm a bit unsuitable for little children too...
Default list, go me. tongue.gif

My other usual is "Coffee Addict" which is true. I do love my coffee.
Dreams On Hiatus
I chose <stares blankly> cause I couldn't think of anything. tongue.gif
*has forgotten what her title is*

One secound.

Edit: Couldn't think of a witty title.

Beacause I couldn't...
Because I look like a vagabond most of the time - unshaven, scruffy, hair all over the place, total combined value of clothing including glasses, watch and shoes: 15

Plus it was in a song I heard once and I liked the phrase to describe me

EDIT: I'm back on the defaults now
What's a vagabond? unsure.gif

I'm sorry, I'm not very clever...
QUOTE (I_am_the_best @ May 26 2005, 07:58 PM)
What's a vagabond? unsure.gif

I'm sorry, I'm not very clever...

A tramp or homeless person, also used to describe runaways and wanderers
Professional Procrastinator

Cause that's what I am, a professional procrastinator.
I am reasonable sure it is accurate. Fairly sure. Ish.
Sir Psycho Sexy
heh, forgot what it was for a moment, interesting story, first meet there was (in Birmingham) we got to talking about height because there were a fair few tall people...but I was the tallest, turns out that being as tall as I am makes me a giant, but only by an inch or which it's more of a technicallyity than anything. The intellectualy midget part comes from the trailer for Monty Python and the Holy Grail which has a line along the lines of "are you an intellectual midget who likes to giggle?" to which I mentally answered "yes!"...then in some spark of inspiration I combined the two because it's like saying "I'm big and dumb! yay!". It got changed once or twice, but it got changed back because someone (forget who) told me they liked it...and I was getting bored of the other one.

Edit: Thats actually quite a significant back-story for just 5 words... tongue.gif
Umm... mine is lyrics from Minerva by the Deftones because I was listening to it when I changed it wink.gif I'm so inspired!
I copied it off a tube of jaffa cakes.
It's a line from "Fuel" by Metallica off their S&M LP. I figured it fit well with the picture.
Because I am... and I aim to misbehave. Watch the show and the movie. My title and location will suddenly make much more sense.
{Gothic Angel}
I'm too lazy to think of my own tongue.gif But my av makes up for it biggrin.gif
Goes with my AV, I was in DC and the basin was flooding over the walkway.... the water is half way up the legs of the bench I'm sitting on tongue.gif
Because I haven't been?
When talking about an island of Matazonians aaaages ago in IRC, someone (I think Mr. Fuzzy?) said that I could be the Princess of the Papayas when I asked if I could be royalty. I actually don't care for papayas...I just liked the way it sounded. tongue.gif
The Tortured Soul
hehe... matazonian history biggrin.gif

the website we all know and love is "the otherside" of a slightly more serious project of Mata's which is really good and damn interesting... and it's a quote from that...

that is, assuming i haven't changed it since posting, which i doubt i will do!
I change mine based on whatever's stuck in my head at any given time.

"Presto, bitch!" is a reference to Mushroomhead: Volume 1 when Shmotz would prank everyone else on the bus, usually while shouting "Presto, bitch!"
El Nino
I saw a sticker on a car,which I was fitting a towbar to, which said this and I thought "That's amusing, and, it'll fit with my avatar nicely".
It's just a warning.
Fallen Element
QUOTE (Calantyr @ May 26 2005, 01:36 AM)
Because its true.

Ditto. Or so I've been told. . .

Fal xXx

P.S. candice - didn't Audrey Hepburn say she was going to Brazil to be Queen of the Papayas in "Breakfast at Tiffanys"? I'm sure of it - I'll watch the film again (any excuse) and find out!
I choose the 'Bloody Mac' because it describes my AV. -A picture I took of my Mac keyboard after I cut myself and decided to paint my room red, because I didn't realise I was bleeding. It's tongue in cheek too, because I adore Macs, and would never actualy refer to one using bad language.

uninspired pizza guy
I love going against the grain occasionally and proving people wrong when possible. And it sums up my natural cockyness a little.
Sola lingua bona est lingua mortua. - The only good language is a dead language.
Because as my picture implies, I do.

(I'm the fat red headed dude)
A quote about Marla coming from Jack during Fight Club. I love/aspire to be Marla. Therefore, 'tis what I am. :)
Because I always seem to end up at the bottom of forumite piles, and then get told that I'm comfy.
"A Whirpool of Angry Benevolence"

It just makes sense.
I'm back to the defaults
Because I'm reading The Godfather (I just had to know where my middle name comes from. Did you know he gets shot?) and because the following list of insults are those I used the most so I put the two pieces together.
New one is the meaning of the avatar. Both the avatar and the description tie in with the pendant around my neck, the celtic knot in my avatar
Because I needed to think of something quick when I changed my avatar.
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