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Because, as the picture implies, I am.

(I'm the disgruntled red headed chick.)
Ye be not disgruntled when thou art with thine maiden of love!

(I'm holding her.)
"Chill, dude"

It's just some good advice. Also, I usally come and post on here to calm down if I get worked up about something. I figured that maybe reading that could help.
It is where Lei comes from: Lorelei, Siren of the river rhine. I used to use Lori. Then subconciously (I can not spell today) I was writing a new story where the main character was called Alescia. But shortened to Lei. Then I liked Lei so much I started using it. Then she became a feature character in another story I'm writing, coincidently about sirens and suddenly I'm back to Lorelei. Star_of_Lei is the sign that Tualet's Witches (the siren army) use on their shields. So that explains pretty much all of my details right?
"Save the Jews from Napoleon!"

That's that I told my sister's cat do to when I let her outside for the night.
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