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Full Version: My Chicago Trip
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Here are some pictures from my trip I took today, it was a little cloudy and it was supposed to rain, but it really didn't do more than sprinkle.
Looking toward the John Hancock from across the Chicago River, on Michagan Ave. (Magnicifient Mile)

Veritigo anyone?

From up in the John Hancock

Anyone reconize this guy he serves hot food fast (Sometimes)

Tribune Tower (Which WGN Radio studio is on the bottom floor and the Cubs were kicking butt, o they ended up winning)

Bored on the ride home
Woah... that was cool. I liked the vertigo one, and i got rather dizzy imagining that it was looking down instead of up. Nice pics. awesome smile.gif
Thanks, you can really feel it when you go in this part they have that is open air, it of course has a screen and a rail so you don't fall, but it really gives you the feeling. Although that part is neat because you can hear the city and your like 1,000 feet up.
Aw, it's my city! Well, I live now about an hour away, anyways. The fourth one down looks like it could be on a postcard. smile.gif
It does, haha, I'm an hour away from Chicago too, I can't wait till January when I move up there, ugh and get away from this want to be yuppy town, we are small yet we try to act big, we acutally have a mass transist system for like 5 people it is crazy, the freaking buses are always empty. Anyway that's why I want to get away from this pile of crap they call Kankakee County.
Kankakee! I think that's rather close. I live in Will (right next to Dupage). Unfortunately I'm moving soon. sad.gif I like Chicago but I don't get to go often, and yes my city has much of a yuppy feel to it... Naperville, 'tis.
haha, yes Naperville is haha, we are trying to imitate citys like that here.

Edit: Although I do like to emblish myself in some yuppie things once in ahwile, like iced coffee. I do wish we had a Panera Bread or a Best Buy, we have everything else. We are getting an IHOP and we are supposed to get a Home Depot (Yet another home improvement store as we need it in this town that has Menards, Lowes, and a Do It Best store.), Old Navy and Kohls (which my mother loves).
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