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Full Version: Devastating Cuteness, Unleashed
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I've been randomly drawing a lot this week so I decided to try tracing some of my drawings with my graphics tablet and colouring in photoshop. I'm still trying to work out whether the wobbly lines give them character or make them look a bit shoddy.

Somehow even the SciFi style shuttle came out's starting to disturb me a little.

Devastating cuteness within

Comments and stuff welcome, either in here or on the LJ post.


It's a cat! And it's cute! Too cute!

*runs babbling like a madman*


(Ahem, anyway, nice work moop)
Oooh! I love the legs on the cheese... I like the space thing too! And the pandas mouth! Too cute!!
A question I never thought I'd ask but what is the cheese brandishing?

Very cute cat. smile.gif
It was intended to be a hat. It's a little square and gaudily coloured though so it could be mistaken for a condom. O_o
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