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Full Version: hmmmm...
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ok right i have joined today.. and well i have found that i ain't able to change my profile or avatar.. which indeedy is a great shame..
any help available? smile.gif
much appreciated!
Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here at Matazone

To change your profile, click on the 'My Controls' link at the top-right of the page, then click on 'Edit Profile Info' on the bar on the left.

To change your Avatar, click on the 'My Controls' link at the top-right of the page, then click on 'Edit Avatar Settings' on the bar on the left.

Your Avatar has to be web-hosted so you may need to avail yourself of a free image hosting site such as Photobucket

Any other questions don't hesitate to ask. Help yourself to anything you need, don't sit on the lentil throne.
wow have figured it out!
cheers! blink.gif
Not a problem my dear, here to help
Hey, also welcome to the boards.

I see you've got the 'asking questions if you don't know what to do' thing down perfectly, so I don't need to remind you about that.
'Ello, thanks Moose for helping out.

I like your username, it's a bit like an idea I've been playing with for an animation (which I won't describe further because whenever I do that it normally takes another two years for the idea to manifest as anything). Welcome to my site!
*hands boxofdoom a kitten*
You know, I probly shouldn't be handing a box of doom a kitten....

Oh well. Welcome.
Quoth(The Raven)
Box of Doom, eh? Any relation to a girl named Pandora? smile.gif

Welcome aboard!
QUOTE (Quoth(The Raven) @ Jun 5 2005, 11:04 PM)
Box of Doom, eh?  Any relation to a girl named Pandora?  smile.gif

tis wondering the same thing...

in any case...

welcome aboard...

hey Quoth, should i get the tape?
haha.. maybe.. in my former life!
you know the story?
me loves it..
And up you go!

*tapes Boxofdoom to the ceiling with duct tape*

Welcome to Matazone!

*a small kitten with red siamese markings and wings covers you with rose petals*
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