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Quoth(The Raven)
*Door to reception area bangs open, as a Mob of Hamsters runs into the chapel, carrying the wedding cake. Making a quick turn, they bolt down the aisle, toward the outside door...*

Darth Vicar: Stop that Cake!

Lilith and Keegan: On it!

*The two cats take off after the Hamsters, only to collide in midair*

Darth Vicar groans, and shakes her head.
Aw man, I am so there. Unless I'm not. *coughs, tries to pretend she's not scarce or anything*
Quoth(The Raven)
*Hamsters make it out the door with the wedding cake...*
Beleive: Our cake! someone get it back, please!
*Sounds of a scuffle ensue outside, then silence. Door Bangs open, and Arthur comes staggering in, balancing huge cake*
Arthur: Can someone help me with this?
*Wedding guests gather to take the cake back into the reception hall*
Beleive: What happened to the hamsters?
Arthur: Oh, *Burps* they won't be bothering anyone for awhile, I think...
Wyvern: Arthur! You didn't!
Arthur: I owed them for a chocolate hangover... they didn't belong to the Tribe, in any case...
*Arthur staggers a bit, then belches a gout of flame*
Arthur: Excuse me. One of them had a chocolate malted, this afternoon... If you'll excuse me, I'll just say, Happy wedding, and go lie down...
*Arthur passes out*
Darth Vicar: Will someone get that dragon to the infirmery, so we can get on with this wedding?
*Glares at all and sundry*
Cath Sparrow
Do you Jedi scurge of the Empire and you Mercentile floatsome of the universe take each other to keep for all eternaty and the rest of your shorcoughcough live's.
Yes, I do, you.. er Step-Vicar.

*Blinks and forces a smile, resisting the urge to pull out lightsaber as the smashing dark Vicar radiates evil.*
*Looks about.* I'm starting to wish we had e-loped.
Cath Sparrow
Will the ringbarer hand over the manaccoughcough rings and will the prisocoughcough happy couple repeat after me with this handcucoughcough ring I swear this statment of my guilt is the truth....Oops wrong page *shuffelshuffel* Ahh here we go.... I thee wed
Er, thanks! *eyes the ring for signs of Empire tampering and grabs newly officially e-husband's arm*

Speaking of e-loping.. what say we leave now while we're not stunned, chained or otherwise restrained?
*Whistles and in rushes the ewok band from Return of the Jedi*

Hurrah Vic finally married! Erm, Irish Guy and believe are e-married!

*Ewok band launches into their big, big hit*

*Ash dances with the flying kittens*
'Course,! *Holds tight, hits switch, and blasts out while clutching his new e-wife.*
*knocks fleeing couple out of the air waving new shiney lightsaber around* Ahh, oops sorry.

Ohhh so preettyyy look I can even write my name.
*proceeds to assimilate all mesmorised wedding guests*

Ah ha! Now lets see..*peers at script*
Resistance is Futile...hmm and yes oh yes...Your souls are all MINE!!!!
Cath Sparrow
*order the storm trooper to* GET THEM!!! Arest them in the name of the Empire!!!
*Attacks with a pointy stick*
*Clearly had forseen that with the force, dodges and force heals Vic. Annnd.. uses the distraction of the storm troopers attacking to drag dear husband towards the nearest exit.*

We are not the droids you are looking for.
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