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Full Version: Little Goth Girl - Open Mike Night
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Angel the Samurai Princess
Aww... tongue.gif
Phooey on you.

I gots a question: Why was Sea laughing while everyone was booing Sarah? (it was sooo funny when he fell down, though) I loved the line "And you can shut up, too!" laugh.gif
Well, he thought her poems were funny. The crowd thought she was taking the mickey out of them. I'm not sure who was right!
Angel the Samurai Princess
That's funny!

But was Sarah really trying to be funny, or is her poetry skill just naturally lacking? (At least, that's what I've thought)

"...Are you being sarcastic?"

"No." cool.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
Angel: Do you know why you like Samauri Lapin? Or LGG?
It could be that people who are naturally 'dark' seem like parodies to people who are trying too hard... Many scripts are written with an instinct of what seems right. I just trust my mind that it's making the right choices and that it will all work out in the long run. Out of interest, I have been esolving a few onthe more minor points of the conclusion to the series in the last couple of months. Goodness knows how long it's goin to take before I finally get there though.
Angel the Samurai Princess
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Jan 12 2006, 07:48 PM)
Angel: Do you know why you like Samauri Lapin? Or LGG?

I like Samurai Lapin because I've always had a mild interest in warriors and swords and swordfights. It tickles my fancy of fairy tales and legends and stories and stuff like, the idea of a bunny wielding such a weapon as the katana is random and hilarious, and I won't lie: Serious as he is, I think Lapin is adorable and funny.

Now, LGG...
I've known plenty of goths myself, and the way Sarah acts always strikes me as very ungoth-like (or whatever). If you think about it, she's actually kinda ditzy for a goth. I mean, here we've got the Daughter of Satan, and she bounces around on a Space Hopper. If that's not funny, I don't know what is...

Anyway, why do you ask? huh.gif
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