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Full Version: another newbie
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hi just registered and i just wanted to introduce myself. i'm a 19 year old female and i live in a small town.... HELL.... just moved a year ago and well its hard for me to meet people over here. i am currently in my 3rd semester of college and i think thats the only thing keeping me from going CRAZY blink.gif but anyhow, am easy to talk to, weird at times, open minded, and just a little crazy( more towards psychotic tongue.gif ) well if anything else feel free to ask. i would like to meet people as well, so feel free to tell me about yourself too. and dont worry administrators if i have any problems with anything or become confused about anything i will make sure to ask wink.gif
Hello and welcome to the forums!

If you need any help finding where everything goes then just click the help link smile.gif

the Games threads are good for boosting your post count
the Personal theads are for about your family, friends, yourself etc.
the Daft theads are.... daft

Have fun!
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Dreamer @ Jun 25 2005, 02:48 AM)

i live in a small town.... HELL....


is that anywhere near Hull?

Anyway, welcome, just have a nose around and you'll get the hang of's fun!

No! really, it is, why else would I have been floating around for more than two years if it wasn't? tongue.gif
QUOTE (Dreamer @ Jun 24 2005, 09:48 PM)

i live in a small town.... HELL....


wow! we live in the same town then?

*hands dreamer a kitten*
Welcome, and have fun!
Greetings & Salutations Dreamer,

WOW, letting the admin know the score from 1st off, like your style Lass, tis a little weird everywhere on this planet, don't matter where ya go, there you always are, okay, corney quote, tripsy tipsy through the la la la..

Catcha on the flipside


Fleeing Fox

Hope you enjoy your time on Matazone, we are all very nice people, honest biggrin.gif
QUOTE (CheeseMoose @ Jun 27 2005, 08:10 AM)

Hope you enjoy your time on Matazone, we are all very nice people, honest biggrin.gif

most of us..that is. ^^ the one you'd better watch out for. i eat newbies..and kittens..
WELCOME! Beware the Anti-Cath and grenades, you're gonna have to be taped in the name of tradition but I'll let it go for the moment wink.gif

Feel free to have a cookie and visit the Weyr @ Tribe wyvern and beyond all, ENJOY YOURSELF biggrin.gif
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