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Full Version: Fleeing_Fox saying HELLO
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Goodbye one and all
Oooh look, I'm the first to come. Hello! Enjoy your stay, although I must warn you, it's a slippery slope. You start posting - you never stop. wink.gif Oh and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask etc.
Hi there, I guess you worked out how to use the forums then? smile.gif
Red Flame
QUOTE (Mata @ Jun 26 2005, 04:00 PM)
Hi there, I guess you worked out how to use the forums then? smile.gif


I just signed up for this forum and i'm a bit scared because i never posted anything on one before. And plus i'm trying out my new keyboard and it's different from my old one it doesn't seem to type S's properly. Sorry i'm rambling on a bit. I do that alot it's properly because i spend so much time on the computer and not enough time tryig to make friends................sorry computer............i know, i of course i'm your friend..............yes........ blink.gif mad.gif shut up!! Sporks do exsist!!!! *mumbles to self*!

Red Flame
x x x x
*hands Fleeing Fox a kitten*

Welcome, have fun and all of that stuff...
There are many semi-ritual greetings on my site. These are generally designed to prevent people from leaving! We get a lot of people who only come on here for a post or two before never returning. We're not sure why!

Hi Red Flame, welcome to my site too. 'Hope to see you around!
no worries, It's not like your in deep trouble or anything...

Mata was only editing the swear word out of your post because sometimes we'll have smaller children on this site, and we wouldn't want angry parents, now would we?

Also, just for future reference, You could substitute silly words for swear words. This way, you get across what you were saying, and We don't have angry parents.

You'll find that the fourms are a great place, and there are some very, very, cool people hanging out around here!
Hello Fox

Hope you enjoy your stay here, any questions just ask, we're a friendly bunch round here.
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