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i think that needs work dude
Fleeing Fox, either choose to be on my forums or leave. Starting a new thread by only posting three-or-so words doesn't make satisfying, interesting, entertaining, or provocative material for anyone to interact with. This isn't the first time you've done this. Please choose to either actually post something that people can respond to in a meaningful way or choose not to post at all.

In order of preference it runs:

A person who posts their thoughts and discusses things with other people (while abiding by the rules, of course)

A person who doesn't post at all

A person who posts things that no-one can respond to in any meaningful way, such as gibberish or verse that is so broken to be devoid of any interpretable intention.


One of the necessary features of a message board to ensure meaning is continuity of communication. By this I mean that once a post has been made it needs to remain there in substantially the same form to ensure that it can be read by others and operate in the continuum of dialog. Removing posts or the content of posts breaks this system, meaning that the original post might as well have been gibberish to begin with.

The descent into chaos of meaninglessness might sound poetic but there's very little point when no-one even realises what you're doing. If you really want to create an art piece around that idea then tell people what you're doing. Don't inflict broken conversations on other people when they're trying to communicate with each-other. That's like running into a bar and throwing paint over people as a work of art: it might be a meaningful statement, but it's only going to piss people off.

This place is based on the principle that communication of ideas is paramount and your current style of posting is contrary to this. If you wish to create a piece about the transience of meaning then at least tell people that this is what you are trying to achieve, that is simply the equivalent of establishing a performance space. There is nothing artistic about changing your mind or removing information from a conversation: this happens often enough in real-life and it's simply annoying. Without that establishing effort of creating your performance space you are annoying people, which is why you are being given a warning.

You have three choices: establish that you are creating something about the effect of the passage of time on meaning, participate using the standard manner of conversation on here, or don't post at all. Any of those options is fine by me, but if you carry on in the way you are currently then you are going to be barred for annoying my forum members.
Fleeing Fox actually deleted his posts when he left, that is why there is no content in his post. He did this to most or all of his posts.
Ah, that'll teach me not to check the date. The thread was bumped by Thedeathinside, an unusual thing for a new forum member to do, so I had assumed that it was a new topic.
QUOTE (Mata @ Jul 21 2005, 01:41 PM)
Ah, that'll teach me not to check the date. The thread was bumped by Thedeathinside, an unusual thing for a new forum member to do, so I had assumed that it was a new topic.

I just wish I woke up before you typed all that! However save it, I am sure we will need it again. wink.gif
It would be quite interesting to see someone creating an artwork through their forum posts, as long as it didn't interfere with the normal operation of the board. I'm not quite sure how a person would go about doing it, but it's an interesting proposition!
Does anyone else find it ammusing that his name was Fleeing_fox?

It's a shame that he went through and deleted all of his poetry, Because if I remember correctly, It was pretty good.
Yes, the one that I saw was actually a pretty decent poem.

I suspect the name was chosen in recognition of this behaviour. It seems a bit too co-ordinated to be the first time that this has happened!
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