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Full Version: Sister are doing it for themselves
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hello everyone i am the Noble Lady Allylandra. My sister has recomended this site telling me that she has to boast about the fact that she has a cool sister like me. Just coz i am soooo talented and not to mention beautiful, clever and so much better at everything then her. PLus i am cute! and i know all her darkest secrets so anything you wanna know just ask i love to tell!!!!! *maniacle laughter*
Hello random person who has nothing to do with me!! Welcome to the forums.

Attacks with Spangle gun!
Cath Sparrow
So you want me to dust down the old granade laucher for this one? *gets out launcher and starts polishing*
Don't do that i am too cute!!!!!!!! *twiddles with pigtails sucking her thumb* you can't hurt me
Cath Sparrow
Pah! You obviously dont know me then! Oooo! Ryn I've been working on the granades they're now noob seeking as well as sticky.
Yay Cath!! where are the other noob molesters when we need them?
noob? as in newbie. *hides behind bwig swister* you can't hurt me i am the next generation i am here to continue your lineage after you have gone. Spare me oh mighty one!!!!!!!!
Does anyone wanna adopt a noob? I sure as hell don't want her!!
ahhhhh by wryny you know i wuve you and would do anything..... nah i cna't keep up this charade i don't want her any more than she wants me. I want some one fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Cath Sparrow
Never stopped me before I doubt it'll stop me now! I'll leave the needle and thread over on the table over here you'll need it to sew your self back together.
*takes aime* You may want to move Ryn the explosions got a bit more impressive to.
*sits down, to watch the fireworks.* Ooooh!! Aaaaah!! Thats pretty!!!

Round of applause Cath that one will go down in history!!!
who will save me from their diabolical schemes. I am just a poor innocent newbie who has no idea about the world. Hayelp hayelp *supposed to be mid western accent failed miserably*
p.s. good job i am invunrable you don't live with ryn and our other sister your entire life without becoming thick skinned!
Sir Psycho Sexy
I'm trying to think of something witty, yet cowardly to say. Not really working all that well, I fear the cath and ryn.

*hides* ph34r.gif
Why you scared of us Pat?
Wow, this is what it looks like in our hallowed welcome halls. Forgotten about it. Must strive to entertain myself here more often, decor is wonderful but ya know what, its missing Noob decoration

*whips out a stash of Noob Tape and sticks LadyAllylandra to the ceiling reminiscing of old Noob welcoming practices*

Now, thats what I call a hello! Have a cookie *puts tantilisingly out of reach*

Expect no favours wink.gif Now... I'm gonna peg it before Cath gets me. I'm innocent but that's never stopped her before... biggrin.gif
Cath Sparrow
QUOTE (Faerieryn @ Jun 28 2005, 07:48 AM)
Why you scared of us Pat?

Yes why? innocent.gif
Welcome, you seem to be all settled in and such with people you know so all that remains for me to say is:

flibble flib flib, flibble flibble flibble flib, flibble flibble, flibble flibble flibble flib flib
Whoa oh my its been a while!
*glances around and reminisces*
So this is what Cath meant.

Well its about time the Tribe scuttlers got out and stretched their many legs. They're getting fat all those cookies and few noobs to harass.

*places a large rocking matchbox carefully on the floor and hurridly backs away*

Well usually I give out user instructions and cookies, but as Smilers done the cookie thing and these look a little volatile I'll leave it to experiences learning curve.

*Box starts to emit multi coloured spangly smoke and sparks*

Well...erm...yes...good luck!

Everyone else I would advise that you.........DUCK!!!
Cath Sparrow
*ducks and watches more fireworks* nice one Wyvern! evil.gif
*follows cath at fast pace
*makes a special return to taping just for this momentous occasion*

*tapes to ceiling and wanders off*


Also, welcome to the forums. tongue.gif
Yay!!! I think some spangles are needed now.


*appears slightly battered and worse for wear covered in mr bumb plasters* You are all mean! Why can't i reach my cookie! Does any one have a steak? I like steak! *falls over with concussion after spangle attack*
*nips back in and replaces your cookie with a steak just a little futher away*

There ya go missy wink.gif Your cookie'll be just over there on the table for afters smile.gif

*waves and nudges plate a midge closer althoug still ont quite close enough*
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Welcome to the forums! My name is Silver. Don't worry about the rest of my name, that gets a little tedious. *hands you a cake*
Ahh, so this is the one Ryn wouldn't stop talking about...

Welcome to the forums
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