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Full Version: My anime stuff..scraps and actually good ones.
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so. yeah. on deviant art. i'm alright at anime. chacha ^^ i'm getting better though! especially since i've got some help from drawing things from Rurouni Kenshin.

My Anime Stuffys Cha. hope ya'll like..sort of atleast. To see my deviations click on deviations under my Profile, and click on scraps to see things i made quickly.
tongue.gif biggrin.gif
torn love notes
That's pretty cool, you spelled ya'll wrong it is supossed to be spelled y'all because it is a contraction between you and all. I don't mean to sound harsh I am a Texan and I enjoy teaching people of Texas. smile.gif
Wow. Your stuff's pretty good, especialy the girl. Have you got any full body ones?
tv with legs
theyre ok i guess(dont mind me,i dont like anime and manga)
Those are pretty good! The best thing to do is keep working at it. I have a friend who is amazing with anime. I can look at her collection and tell how she has advanced over the last 10 years. If I were you I would try and assign yourself at least one project a month and continue to work on your form and improvise new techniques!
Good luck!
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