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Full Version: Mapping Matazone!
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QUOTE (funked)out_frog @ May 14 2006, 08:02 PM) *
QUOTE (devils_daughter @ Apr 23 2006, 10:34 PM) *

Froggie & CM I have already read the initial post. what I meant by "and I don't feel like reading the whole thread to find out" was reading every single post. It's true that I didn't reread Wyvern's post before I said it, but I don't think it makes me "arrogant".

I take it back. In hinesight I see that arrogant was too harsh. Sorry, Devils Daughter.

To be fair, most of the "It could be argued that your obvious arrogance at thinking you can make suggestions to something you can't even be bothered to find out about might not go down too well?" was mine, and I suggested that because I was just a little annoyed that day. So yeah, sorry Izzy.
Both apoligies accepted. I could've looked into it a little bit more,sorry about that. Just my laziness overpowering me to read. tongue.gif

See you both around in the forums.
El Nino
QUOTE (Wyvern @ Jul 24 2005, 08:16 PM) *
if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions by all means throw them at me.

QUOTE (moop @ Sep 4 2005, 02:00 PM) *
Rusty metal framework. Continent shaped chunks of circuit board screwed on. Links represented as tracks on the circuit board or wire spanning continents.

Why not just make an image of one? And make it 3D so we can rotate it and look at the components (what would they represent?)

On the question of my details, I've not yet made up my mind, so for now I'll sit on the fence.
And the colours of the internet. I don't see it in colours (maybe I'm not as pissed and stoned as I want to be, I'd better roll another J.) *belch*
I've moved since I last posted in this thread and can now be found in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I'm also older and am now 34.

My planter boxes need watering. Coffee plants don't like Fort Mac's climate. The boxes were planted at exactly the same evening so why does only one have sprouting happening?

Random enough?
Cath Sparrow
Oooo! Moving house that going to add an interesting twis for her Hehe. biggrin.gif

You are all evil! Good job I love you really isn't it. tongue.gif

I like the idea B.I.C will force me to sort my computer skills out too, it may be a while before I post again internet access still dodgy but slowly and surely this beast is coming together!
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