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Full Version: New Guy
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Hello. MackSals is my name and I thought a little intro would be good as my first topic in these forums.
I joined mostly because of the animations, they're just great. I especially liked the little goth girl ones.
Hmm... this didn't turn out to be the "little intro" I thought of but it is considerably late and I'm sleepy. If there's anything you need to know though just ask.

I don't really understand that whole adoption thing (is it required?) so if someone could explain it'd be nice. wink.gif
Welcome, have a virtual cookie. smile.gif

Adoption isn't nesessary. It's a custom to find a person who has been on the forum a longer time and use them as a mentor. PM (private message) someone you would like to mentor you and if they agree then you're adopted.

If this isn't too clear I apologize. It's early and I'm fairly sleepy.

Now in the grand welcoming tradition.
*Ashbless duct tapes MackSals to a convenient spot on the ceiling.*

Again Welcome to Matazone!
Hey man, how's it going? You don't need to be adopted but some people find it helpful. All in all, stay cool and things will be alright.
Hiya, welcome to my forums!

We get quite a few people wander off, so the adoption idea helps people get to know others on the forums quickly so that they don't feel shut out by all the strangers talking with each-other like old friends.

There's a few good threads about your recent taste films, books, music, and games in the Media section, plus some silliness in the Daft forums. Those are generally good places to get started, although if you fancy joining in with the discussions in the Issues forum then you're very welcome!

See you around.
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