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Full Version: back..maybe
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so as most of you know i sorta dissapeared one day and didnt come back. well it was childish and stupid and i kick myself everyday for it. i miss you all very much. i would like to rejoin if its okay with everyone. i wont go into why i left and i dont expect forgivness, i abandoned my friends which can be summed only to poor character (understatement of the year). if any of you would like to still talk just pm me and i will give you my new addys and such info. im letting you all make the choice, the last thing i want to is make anyone uneasy for me being here.
Well, you know me, I welcome all-comers. Nice to see you again.

You should probably get the shift-keys on your keyboard checked, they don't seem to be working wink.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
Welcome back
Welcome back smile.gif
Cath Sparrow
Hey Emmy
Welcome back there Phoenix. I know zip of why you left so in an ignorant state I shall remain blissful wink.gif
Hope you feel ok coming back into the fold. Always welcome biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Have a cookie
Little Green Goth
Woo! You're back! laugh.gif I was wondering where you'd gone to but I shant ask any questions. ph34r.gif I'm just glad to see you posting again. It's been lonely with out the great phoenix! happy.gif So, welcome back!!

welcome back... get your behind into the song based chain quiz, it keeps dying without you!
Oni Usagi
Welcome back! How've you been?
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