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Full Version: My dark animations *-*
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Hey everybody! well Hi there! uhmm yeah, ^,~
anyway I just want to post my own web page

Mi immortal animations

I still havent finish it, but you will find everything set in a couple of weeks, you can see some pictures tough.

Iīm working in a cartoon called "Husferlyn Town" and some series such as "Stacyīs revenge" "Darky & Blacky" and some pretty cool dark animations such as "Lila Rose" beside the animations, you will find novels, poems, draws and some proyects with stop motion animation and cell animation.
tv with legs
cool.gif hmm, very interesting, though im not a big fan of the big head thingy, they are very interesting, and i found one that was to my apeal. anyways, keep up the good work and welcome to the Matazone forums.
Interesting how some of the characters in the drawings at the bottom of that page don't fit in with the others and are blatantly stolen from elsewhere. The difference in drawing style _really_ sticks out.

Also since cand has some of Nocturnal-Devil's stuff on her wall, it's kind of obvious.


Did I mention I dislike people trying to pass off other people's work as their own? What is the point?
ok ok ok first of all this is the time I post my webpage somewhere I been doing animations for a long time, for my friends.

The drawings that you mention are from something called ISC (Immortal Soul Corp) animated postcards an greetings, the drawings of course are not mine are from cemetery angel, when I thinked of ISC I didnīt had any characters of my own but I had to anounce it to my friends, thatīs where Darky & Blacky came in (charactes of my own).

Did I mention I think itīs stupid when people talk without knowing and really didnīt care about the effort of people.

My english Itīs not so good huh.gif
Darky & Blacky from ISC

I struggled to make sense of that post. It seems like you're saying you wanted to make something and decided to use someone elses characters. I can't find out what/who Cemetary Angel is but not _all_ of the characters seemed to come from there, maybe some of them did but that wasn't the point. Like I said before at least one appears to be taken from Nocturnal-Devil's deviant art account and definitely doesn't fit in with the rest.
Iīm not saying that I use those drawings saying they where mine, I used to adorn the ISC greeting, until I came up with Darky & Blacky

ISC Immortal Soul Corp.

Servicios de inmortales para mortales

in english: "Immortal services to mortals" or something like that. all the rest of the characters are mine, and look this was a misundarstood.

Cemetery angel blogger
I'm not sure exactly which characters you are saying are yours, and which aren't.

The main image on that site you linked in your last post does not belong to whoever's website it is (whether it is your website or not doesn't matter, I'm just stating a fact). They belong to Furiae.

I'm not exactly certain from your post why you linked the Cemetary Angel Blogger site. Are you saying the other drawings that aren't yours belong to that site? If that is the case, then sorry...but you're wrong. But if it's not, could you please explain what you meant? I'm a bit confused here...
Noup, Iīm not saying that the image is from cemetery angel but I took the picture from cemetery angel blogger
Since Mata and Commie can't be found right now, let me tell you what they would say...

Use proper English, please. - Mata

Use proper English, bitch. - Commie
Hmm. By the's also worth pointing out that the images we were discussing earlier aren't clip-art. You can't just use them (much less alter them, as the one on your site has been) for a website layout without permission from the artist.
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