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I dont know if any of you know that every year I go to the Renaissance Festival dressed as a cute lil faerie (aww). I makem y own costume and everything, all down to the wings. Which happens to be my problem.

My past year's wings got thrown out by a certain obsessed mother who was looking twards de-junking the house. So my wings got thrown in the trash can unbeknownst to me sad.gif

So now my problem is coming up with a new design for wings. And I'm horrible at drawing and my best friend kinda ditched me today blink.gif Sooo I didnt get my wing pattern I requested from her.

Anyway! Cut to the point. If any of you would like to take part in the creation of my wings! Feel free to draw a shape for my wings. I'm looking for something pointy and leafy but really rather small. Pixi ish. About 11 inches long for each wing.

And I'll probally be making a few pairs so if my friend happens to give me a call and give me my pattern I'll post a picture of them too tongue.gif

By the way. Anyone else here a faerie?
Cath Sparrow
How about just a a curved frame at the top with chiffon in autum colour hanging from it looking a little raggy to create the leaf effect? Not sure if that makes complete sence to you but it does in my head biggrin.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
I have a faerie tattooed around my belly button - she has really pretty kinda' tattered looking autumn leaf type wings. I can PM you a picture if you like which may give you some ideas?

How's this?
Duddeee, awesome Mata. I might do a pair like that but I'd need different wire cuz mine is.... Well, magenta. O.o


(sorry I'm really hyper....)

Oh yea, so.... Cath I totally understand what you're talking about because I've seen it done and I'd have no problem acctually making it.... And I have extra scraps of organza laying around so if I get bored one day and find sturdy enough wire for that type of thing I'll definatley make a pair tongue.gif

But for other pairs of wings I'm making I'm acctually doint something along the lines of a dream catcher, but wing shaped. If any of you have ever learned how to make a dream catcher its really easy and basically just twining wire around in circles and pulling it taut. So I'm doing that, with colored wire inside the frame of a pair of wings and for an extra bit of specialness I have Swarovski crystal beads that I'm putting in there too

O.O Teh shibby!


I am really sorry for my ranting and hyperness but I've had a peice of crap day and I spent the last 5 hours drinking soda, dancing, screaming and singing to Hootie And THe Blowfish so I'm a bit wired.

Cath Sparrow
Cool! put pictures up when you've made and with the rest of your outfit to. It'd be cool to see.

*wanders off stealing Mata's design as she wanders past*
I'm definatley keen on posting pictures. I like to show off O.O; probally a bad habit.... But I'm lazy and have about another month to get all my projects finished and even then I dont have to have them all done.... so my incentive on getting it done isnt very high....

And I wonder why my grades were low in school? tongue.gif

I really wish I could make Mata's wing design with the lines bold like they're drawn but I cant =(

Atleast.... not any way I've discovered for making wings yet....
*wanders off brainstorming*
Ribbons? A nice, silky, bold black ribbon would do nicely, though I don't know what the wings are made of, so you might not be able to paste them on.
Cath Sparrow
If you make the frame a basic leaf shape with out the spikey edges then cut chiffon (or whatever) (double layer) to the shape Mata drew then run a stich line to the shape of the frame inside the edge of the shape of the chiffon. then use fabric paint or aplique(sp?) to do the leaf veins. (Cath is unsure if she's making sence again)
ARC and Cath both have good ideas but its still sounding too complicated tongue.gif

But I'm going to get some green colored wire soon and start messing around and seeing what I could do....

BTW, Mata, everyone I've shown so far loves your wing design tongue.gif And dad was impressed that a pair of my wings will be specificly designed by the one and only Mata! O.O;
depressed lonely crazy person
have you considered making just the top of the frame (out of wire with gap filla on the sharp edges) and then sewing fabric of whatever design on so that it would flow out the bottom and would be less bulky.
I think thats how they made the wings in Ever after
Acctually, I have. I've seen it done and look very very nice, but my friend Lynne immediatley said "ew" at it so O.O I've been avoiding that rout.... I will eventually make a pair like that.

But currently I _have_ made a frame for the design Mata drew. The outlines on both edges of the outside and the veins are made out of wire and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it next. If I attatch fabric to it it wont look so nice, atleast not in any way I can think of doing it....

I'll show pictures of the frame once I stop being so lazy.
So I finally bothered to download, resize and put my pictures online. (A grand total of 3 pictures, yay....)

Soo! First is the wings I immortalized into wire:

And then theres the faerie corset I'm still working on:

My personal thought is that the top part of the corset is too small for my size chest unsure.gif but my friend and costume consultant says it looks fine *huffs*

I still need to do the grommeting and finishing the seam binding but I think it looks pretty damn awesome! Aside from the top part....

And if you're wondering about what happened to the third picture well it ended up being this:

Appy pollie loggies in advanced if the pictures are rather large
Snugglebum the Destroyer
That's looking great - the corset is a really classic design. biggrin.gif

As well as finished wings - we want to see the ENTIRE outfit when it's on. *noddles*
No problem ^^ More showing off for me. ! tongue.gif I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the wings.... It all gives me a headache
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Awww - have a butterfly, her wings wiggle:

*must stop having a drink with lunch* blink.gif
Cath Sparrow
Those look brilliant. The corset looks really good but I agree with you that the top could have fitted you bust better. Yes! Definatly full costume pictures!!! biggrin.gif
K!77y, I may just have to steal the wings and Corset from you.

....and the caffine drink.
I'm really really thinking about turning the corset into an underbust.... Or some sort of better looking demi cup.... lol

And the wings need some sort of filling tongue.gif

But I'm going to my friends house hopefully within the next week so I plan to fix that stuff over at her house.... la la la....

Thanks for the butterfly, Snugglebum o.0 I think happy.gif
They look fabulous, hon, really nice. I would've never been able to do all of that. Really great, and I can't wait to see the finished product biggrin.gif
Cath Sparrow
This is just a kind of random idea I came up with.
Have you ever thought of using this stuff to fill in the frame might be expensive and you'd probably need alot to fill in the large space but I think it'd look stunning.
Fantasy Film
Wow.... I've never seen anything like that before. Then again, I've never looked. I would love to use that stuff tongue.gif If I can find a reasonable place to procure it from then I'll definatley use that tongue.gif

I was acctually reading a tutorial on faerie wings that uses liquid scuply (liquidified polymer stuff I'm supposing?) but they would turn out way to brittle that way, but this stuff looks stronger....
{Gothic Angel}
Soooo pretty... I love that corset. Did you make or buy and alter or just buy?

How is it that it's impossible to get a corset in the UK and you guys have such pretty things? sad.gif
Acctually I did make it myself, from scratch. I even made my own pattern (with help from a friend)

Link to pattern-making tutorial:

And obviously it wasnt instructions for over-bust.... which was the problem. The friend that was helping me didnt draft in the bust from a pre-made corset pattern like she did for her corset thus.... mine ending up wonky. It wouldnt have worked anyway.... its too short and I.... uumm, grew.... since I made the pattern.... o.o

I'm really thinking I should just turn it into underbust tongue.gif
The wings look amazing as they are, but og course, putting some sort of skin over them will just top it.

I was thinking, would using say this plastic film stuff that can be clear and transpareant or coloured and transparant (bit like acetate, but not as thick, but thicker than clingfilm), with a load of PVA glue (maybe with some irredesent paint, or powder mixed into give it a pearly sheen) work? Or maybe tissue paper coated (again) in quite a few layers of PVA work? -Or would that be to delicate still?

And yease, piccies!
I've found that trying to glue anything to wire is almost impossible and it's generally far better to fold things over it.

If you're going to attach acetate then you'll definitely need to use something stronger than PVA glue. One method might be to cut the acetate to a shape a little larger than needed, then with the excess create tabs that you can fold over the wire edges to hold the acetate in place. Now all you'd need to do is attach the acetate to itself (either using a strong glue or by sewing through it) and it'll hold itself to the wire-frame. Obviously, the more tabs you make, the better the hold will be.
Hmm, I hadn't quite thought about attaching. There is some pretty nifty clear sewing thread, or fishing wire.

Fishing wire is my friend.
I had hoped to avoid sewing things to the frame.... But it is most likely the best way. Plus! If I use Mata's tab idea then I only have to do a stitch or two on each tab instead of a running stitch along the whole thing... Which opens up a bunch of possibilities with things such as grommets and brads and blow torches and nail guns and fire throwers!!

Okay.... minus the last 3 things and I think I might have something going here.... I need to go shopping.

*wanders off thinking of where to buy acetate or something of the sort*
Yep, the reduced amount of stitching is precisely the reason I use tabs. Sewing through some plastics can be really tough, and this way avoids having to do too much of it.
My next delema is getting my dad to take me shopping o.o; He's usually the one offering wing help cuz it facinates him, but he wouldnt listen to me last night x.X;; He did the "mmmhmm.... *stares distractedly at blank screen*" thing....

I'm going to be gone till thursday night so I wont be getting much work done this week tongue.gif I'll update when I eventually drag my dad off the couch....
Why don't you use a sheer cloth to cover the outside? I think that would be easier than plastic. And maybe cheaper and easier to find, plus you get more variety of colors. You would want to find something to color the wire though, so it's more pronounced when you look through the cloth.

It just seems easier to me to sew the cloth around the perimeter of the wings, but maybe I don't know what you have in mind.
I like cloth. I love cloth. I've done cloth. Its a PAIN.

You're right in a way, cloth would be easier to get the needle through, and it does come in many awesome shiney irredecent colors, but the problem is.... since its sheer, the weave of the acctual fibers is alot looser, causing it to fray alot more and, on top of it, it requires a tighter stitch to keep it in place otherwise the stitches tend to pull out the rows of threads instead of holding them together....

The solution to the sewing would be hotglue. But hotglue tends to be very messy and get everywhere. Not to mention the burnt fingers and trying to cover up the ugly hotglue showing through.

The solution to the ugly hotglue showing through is to cover the edges with ribbon, which requires more hotglue, since fabric glue is too weak to hold it together. I could opt to sew everything down then, but since I'd be using an opaque ribbon, the stitches would tend to show against the ribbon, meaning my stitches need to look fairly neat.

And honestly, I dont have the patience for all of this....

Then again, I need the wings within a couple of weeks and really need to get cracking. 0.0;

I'm so lazy.
You may be many things, but in all the years I've known you I would never use the term 'lazy' to describe you; however, you are, like me, exceedingly good at prevaricating!
Cath Sparrow
You could just make the hot glue a feature by throwing glitter at it. Glitter is always fun! biggrin.gif

I on the other hand am lazy. tongue.gif
tongue.gif Maybe you're right Mata, but I certainly could do a better job at getting things done....

Like buying that self help book to learn a bit about psychology....
Its been, what, three years since I said I would go buy that? tongue.gif

And Cath, I acctually saw hotglue with glitter already in it.... Somewhere o.o My parents are going to hate me when I ask them to take me back to the craft store tongue.gif And I think that might be a sliiiigghhhhttt bit easier to work with, atleast for the shape Mata has for these wings....

I'll be updating previous year's pictures of RenFest garb, just for fun. tongue.gif

Edit: Piccys!

A costume I made for my History class last year. It got me a nice project grade A (about three grades) Ended up reciting a whole scene from Romeo and Juliet from memory while wearing it.... That had to be the only thing I enjoyed in that class tongue.gif
It is rather historically correct, but not compleatly. unsure.gif

This was 2004's Faerie costume, its modified from the one pictured below. Mostly just the top, it fits alot better, though is not historically correct at all. Thats also last year's pair of wings, made from metal screening.... A certain someone threw them out though *coughmumcough* sad.gif

2003. Me and my friend Lynne dressed as faeries. That was my first pair of wings. Made from copper wire (big mistake) hotglue, organza and lots of ribbon. They didnt turn out so well, though they look alright in the picture.... Lynne is no longer a faerie tongue.gif She didnt have the character for it.... She's much better off as a ....

PIRATE! This is 2004, I'm in part of my faerie costume and some last minute pants I made.... Ended up with the title "Gyspy" for the day because my wings broke the week before. Someone bent them and the detail in the metal sheeting ended up working rather similarly to perferated paper when bent on the perferations.... The one next to me is Lynne, followed by her little brother and her mum. We were all a bit drowsy and it ended up with alot of not quite as happy looks and some rather bad makup on my part. Mum's corset also isnt laced properly, if you're wondering. It is rather hard to drive while laced into a corset tongue.gif

Okay.... I admit. I had alot of fun writing all that.... Hope you enjoy tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
Those are brilliant costumes and Yay! for versatile bit of clothing. biggrin.gif
Wow, from those pictures, I cannot wait to see the outfit you put together for this year. biggrin.gif wink.gif
depressed lonely crazy person
You can stick wire if you use that cilicone gel gap filler that you get from a hardware store preferably the stuff for roofing which is designed for metal and comsing clear, black, grey and white.
I dont think I've ever seen that stuff.... though If I end up at the hardware store I'll definatley look for it....

I just made a pair of piratey pants! But, alas, I couldnt get the camera angle right on my webcam so I'll be needing to bug someone to take a picture for me.... Though I'm hoping to finish a bodice type thing tomarrow, but that requires me going to my friend's house and she hasnt gotten back to me on that yet....

I hate being dependant on people's decisions x.X;
depressed lonely crazy person
I love the costumes BTW
I've been getting some stuff done of late and was trying to figure out a way to attach feary wings to a corset
I've seen people attatch wire peices sticking down from the brace and then shove it into the back of the corset. I've also had something like a paperclip that clips to the brace and hooks against my shoulders and then theres always good old ribbon/elastic to wrap around your shoulders/underarms
Cath Sparrow
This is kind of an irrelevant post but thought these might interest you. Me and Wyvern found them whilst mooching. There made of leather and rather yummy! The full outfit is called Queen Mab and comes from here but wont let you link directly to the pictures. Linky

Snugglebum the Destroyer
You can't have that one - I linked Wyvern to it months ago (she probably forgot) and it is exclusively mine.

MINE I TELL YOU!!!! tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
Ha! Well See!!!! Depends who gets there first! tongue.gif

*continues drooling so if Snuggle gets there 1st they'll be so soggy she wont want them* biggrin.gif
Well I supposes you two can keep arguing over them tongue.gif

*cry* I cant order from the UK, it gets too expensive =(

How come everything cool is off limits? tongue.gif

Oh god I love this CORSET!

I like the idea of naming outfits.Or it could just be that it was called Queen Mab and I memorized that part of Romeo & Juliet so I'm rather fond of it.... I might make an outfit worthy of being called Queen Mab tongue.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
You have such similiar taste to me K!77y - that another one on my wish list. biggrin.gif

The problem with the Queen Mab is that to buy the whole lot, which I desperately want will cost a bomb. One day I will learn to save...
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (Cath @ Aug 12 2005, 04:42 PM)
This is kind of an irrelevant post but thought these might interest you. Me and Wyvern found them whilst mooching. There made of leather and rather yummy! The full outfit is called Queen Mab and comes from here but wont let you link directly to the pictures. Linky

Ooooh I like dracinabox. Have you seen the priest coats on there? And the shoes! biggrin.gif *squeee*
The Coat is cool, I'm not too fond of the shoes. Mostly because its not my style, and because clomping around in the forest in heels really isnt my idea of a good time x.X;

Edit: Finished corset. Finished a couple other things but its impossible for me to take pictures of them myself so you'll have to wait till I.... tacke someone and force them to take pictures tongue.gif

In the meantime, finished Faerie corset:

I made it underbust but now the problem is I need a shirt that looks somewhat period to wear under it.... erg.
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (K!77y @ Aug 13 2005, 02:14 AM)
The Coat is cool, I'm not too fond of the shoes. Mostly because its not my style, and because clomping around in the forest in heels really isnt my idea of a good time x.X;

I made it underbust but now the problem is I need a shirt that looks somewhat period to wear under it.... erg.

The corset looks good like it is in the picture. Or just get something with big puffy sleeves, they aren't that hard to find. smile.gif

And the majority of the time I'm barefoot anyway... I just like to look at shoes, I rarely actually buy them. Or wear them. You can appreciate the beauty of something without having to actually want or use it.
You're right, you can appreciate beauty without wanting any of it.

That can be applied in so many ways. Is anyone ever overwhelmed by something so simple?.... Sorry, okay. Back to topic.

The shoes are cool tongue.gif I would try going barefoot to faire but it would be rather painfull seeing as most of the grounds is covered in rocky gravel and the other bit is woodchips and such. Owch.
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