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ARC Goes to the Maryland RenFest?!?! You didnt see me?? =( Do you ever hang out around the blowguns stand? Where'd you get your bodice and dress from? We should meet up next year! *extatic*

Uhm , I went for Pirate Invasion (pirates are sexy) and the weekend before that, so we might've just not gone at the same time. I got my clothes from the Purple Unicorn I think? I dunno. It's just a simple dress that cost a load of money, and the bodice was $100 but toally worth it because, well, duh, I'm beautiful!

I usually hang out at that bar with the white deer or horse or whatever it is, the big one where when people get drunk enough they start singing pub songs. I like people watching, so I usually just meander around.

Definitley, we're so hooking up next year biggrin.gif
Purple Unicorn, yeup. Thats cool, I like their stuff tongue.gif

White Heart is the pub tongue.gif The most popular. I was there Pirate Invasion weekend! I cant remember if it was the saturday or sunday though.... hmm.

Definatley make sure we meet up next year ^^
QUOTE (Kitty @ Nov 4 2005, 09:08 PM)
Hmm.... You might be right Mata, I really cant see how else they'd do it.

Anyone know the difference between silk and satin?

The last of Faire's pictures (except mine.... which I only have maybe 2 of and they're not developed as of yet....) Are to be found here:

These are taken by my friend Lynne's (or dungeon bait....) mum. happy.gif

Also about that video I promised, my dad said I'm not allowed to edit it till he edits something he wants to.... which will take till around christmas.... erg.

I always thought that satin was man-made, and silk from silkworm cocoons.

All I could find on Satin was that
A satin weave is similar to a twill, in that yarns float across the surface. However, a satin is one in which the floats pass over 4 or more yarns. Additionally, the floats are often arranged so as not to create any obvious diagonal lines, but instead just a smooth surface. A sateen is a weft-faced satin.

But it doesn't say whether it is man-made or natural.

I am now rather confused blink.gif
I asked my dad, he said that silk is made from silk worms cucoons (which most of us know....) and that satin is polished cotton....

I suppose it makes sense. 1,000 thread count sheets feel almost like silk tongue.gif I'm sure if you polished them they'd be very satin-y
I've got samples in my house of natural silk and satin (both are materials available for corsets) and satin is, in my opinion, far smoother to the touch. Natural silk has a beautiful shimmer to it, but I found it to be more coarse than I expected.
According to wikipedia, satin or sateen is a type of weave. Annndd theres two different types of satin according to what material you're using

If a fabric is formed with a satin weave using filament fibers such as silk or nylon, the corresponding fabric is termed a "satin." If the yarns used are short-staple yarns such as cotton, the fabric formed is considered a "sateen."

Also according to wikipedia, theres 'wild' silks and cultivated silks and now theres nylon silks which are supposodly hard to tell from acctual silkworm silk....

Intresting, huh?

So I'm supposing that the reason 'raw' silk is not so nice is due to the weave
It resembles a soft hessian- brown, thick weave and a bit scratchy.
I went into Liberty's in London when I was there last weekend, and spend nearly an hour walking round and round the sample books which were hanging up, feeling and visualy gorgeing on the beautiful fabrics.

I must have looked either strange, scary or stoned. Or perhaps a mix of all three biggrin.gif
I was given a slightly stern talking to by a person in John Lewis for taking photos of buttons. Apparently they needed to interogate anyone acting susipicously and the staff didn't really appreciate quite how pretty their tubes of buttons are!
ALOT of shops dont like people taking pictures, due to the fact that they think people will try to reproduce their product. I get alot of that at the Renfest, I want to go into a shop and try something in, and get a picture of it because it looks so cool, and they wont let you because you can just be there to steal their ideas....

Hmmph. Not like you cant take pictures of their product when you see it on the streets. But aslas, such is life.
Cath Sparrow
Well seeing as it a standard way for high street fashion designers to get there designs it's really not surprising shops get touchy. Usually if they work for a company they go in buy the garment and either cut a chunk out of it for a fabric sample or so they can see a particular construction technique or keep the recipt (sp?) and take it back. But if it's an individual they'll either take scetches or photo's. They only have to alter it a small amount to get round copyright. So this all adds up to very jumpy people when you take photo's in shops.
It was only buttons! They weren't questioning me for stealing button designs but for security reasons... In case I wanted to stash a bomb in with the buttons I guess...
QUOTE (Mata @ Nov 15 2005, 01:40 PM)
It was only buttons! They weren't questioning me for stealing button designs but for security reasons... In case I wanted to stash a bomb in with the buttons I guess...

Yes. Because a big terrorist target is John Lewis, especialy the haberdashery department! I think this whole bomb thing has got ridiculous- even my local libary, in a village (a VILLAGE!) has a sign up saying "please do not leave your belongings unattended. They will be taken as a bomb alert and be disposed of".

Who the hell would want to blow up a little libary, in a rural village in Suffolk?!
Hmm. Well, once people hear of bomb threats they start getting paranoid, I suppose.

It is kind of silly though, isnt it?
They do look nice:

I'm not quite sure where you'd put the bomb though...

Here's another one I took that day:

Thoes are some pretty nifty looking tubes of buttons! I'm starting to like buttons more and more, they never appealed to me before but recently I've liked them....

Something about the fence picture is eerie yet.... hopeful? Probably the lighting. The barbed wire looks pretty the way they put it up ohmy.gif
Hello everyone. This is my first ever contribution to any sort of forum. I hope I do it right!

I've been following the Faerie Wings with fascination and admiration.
Kitty asks "Anyone know the difference between silk and satin?" I think yoyu've anwered your own question, but may I add my two penn'orth?

The words describe two different things. Silk is a fibre (as several postings have said, it is a natural fibre which is spun from the cocoon of the silk worm), and it is woven/knitted into an enormous variety of fabrics, from really thin, filmy floaty chiffon or organza, to heavy, stiff tweed.
Satin is a description of a fabric which is shiny and slippy. It can be made of different fibres - silk, polysester (nylon) or catton, for example. The Wikkepedia description says that, I guess. Cotton satin - or sateen is less shiny, and not as slippy-slithery as a silk satin, because the fibres are shorter.
What is confusing is that satin is usually described as "smooth and silky".
Check out this fabric retailer to see some samples of silk and satin - look at "shiny fabrics" and at "silk fabrics"

I'm on a natural high right now, where I feel really great and not much can bring me down. And well, these things tend to block all thoughts, which really obstructs my creative juices. Sadly and yet fortunatley, this high is slowly going away and I've been thinking about prom! Since I didnt get to do the whole homecoming tux thing, I figured I'd go all out for my prom next year, and I have some sketchy ideas of the possible dresses I want to wear! So of course I'm going to show you.

But first of all. For thoes of you who dont know, Prom is the biggest dance of your highschool years. Its usually for seniors and their invites, but (at my school anyway) juniors are allowed to go, and I'll be a junior next year. So I'm going! I'll probably also be graduating next year so it seems fitting to go.... People spend alot of money to go to Prom, tickets run about 40 bucks and only include getting into the dance and maybe a drink or two and some sort of 'party favor'. Girls buy expensive dresses, guys rent/buy tuxs. Girls get their hair done and spend hours doing their makeup and worry weather their neclace looks alright tongue.gif Its all very fun.

I, on the other hand, am frugal and will be making my dress tongue.gif Of course. And I've decided to do my tux idea, which is just a corset in the shape of a tux with tails (cuz I love tails) And the only problem I'm really having with the whole outfit is (Well where to find a decently priced hat....) and the skirt! I'll be getting some really awesome victorian style boots and want to show them off, so here's some ideas....

The top layer will be some sort of medium weight silk or satin to flow nicely, the under layer will most likely be some sort of sheer organza or something of the sort so you can see the boots. Maybe. The skit will go to right above the knee or maybe a slight bit higher and then slope down to my ankle The boots are knee high ^^

And erm, yeah! I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas on skirts. The one on the right will just flow out in an a-line sort of style, the one one on the left is supposed to look fitted from the waist to the knee, but it isnt really drawn to well.... I'm thinking that the more fitted one will work better because I think it will look better with the tails part of the top, but I could be wrong. I need better drawings....

Thoughts? Additions? Want to draw for me??

Oh and yes, my drawings arent too porportionate and they're drawn bigger than what my frame acctually looks like.... I'm very slim rolleyes.gif

Edit: One of my friends drew a better drawing for me, and methinks it works better.

Sorry for the largeness of it, I'm too lazy to mess with it....
It looks tricky to make. Do you have a pattern for something similar to it that you will be using?
The corset/tux/top thing will be the hardest thing. Me and my friend Lynne (who's helping me and happens to make alot more corsets than me) have no idea how to make an overbust corset. We have patterns for corsets that are overbust, but they're not the style I'm looking for.... I have a couple ideas on a way around the overbust part, but the hardest part I think is going to be making the tails. (which arent really shown in the drawings, but the top will have tux tails tongue.gif) So we're really out on a whim with this one, but the good thing is we're starting early. I dont need this till next May....

The skirt will be really easy, fitted patterns like that are easy to find and easy to make, I think the hardest part about the skirt will probably be sewing on the sheer flowy fabric, organza is typically hard to work with because its so delicate and frays easially. Lynne has a better variety of sewing foots and stitches that'll help with that though....

Honestly, thinking about it makes me giddy. For some reason this is really special to me, probably because its going to be my own design idea, it will look super sexy and all around cool, I'll have put alot of work into it and will hopefully look compleatly different from anyone else and get alot of compliments....

Anyhow. If anyone is intrested on my ideas for constructing the top. I'm thinking about using a pattern we've already made for an underbust corset, making the corset as an interlining, then doing the outer layers so that it acctually looks like the final product, and placing the corset part inside. The result would be an underbust corset where it needs to be, with the rest of the top unboned and shirt-like. So the tails and the upper part of the top would be like a regular shirt. I'm not sure if this would cause any puckering problems though, I havent tested it yet....

My second idea is to take one of the patterns that are already fitted to be over-bust and draft the bust part into the pattern I'll already be using, then modifying it a bit so it will look like the rest of the top.... That way I'll be sure its fitted properly but will still look the way I want it....

I also need to figure out how to sew on lapels, which arent drawn in the drawings for some reason.... whoops. And I need to decide weather to go for a double-breasted style or a single-breasted style....

I'm glad I have 15 or so months to work on this tongue.gif
QUOTE (Kitty @ Jul 25 2005, 03:38 AM)
to give me a call and give me my pattern I'll post a picture of them too tongue.gif

By the way. Anyone else here a faerie?

ME!!!! ME!!!! ME!!!!! ME!!!!
Thats a liiitttle obvious happy.gif

And hullooo! Like my creations? <.<
Dunno if anyone is still reading this. Basically I'm still looking for inspiration for the corset I'm hoping to make by prom date of next year (16 monts to go.... but you have to plan early for these things!) and I've finally found something I like the cut of, so I have something to base my pattern off of (of course, its a vollers and completely out of my price range)

So now the only problem is learning how to draft an overbust pattern, which I have yet to find instructions on doing.... My brain lacks the ability to think abstractly enough to figure out how to do it myself (though after a couple months of thinking I think I'm slowly getting there.... it really cant be too hard)

The point is, the end product will have basically that cut, but it will be made out of a nice black silk (if its in budget) with satin lapels to get a mock-tuxedo look. I'm debating between making it into more of a halter-like top and having an open back, or having a full back....

Has anyone run across any instructions on drafting over-bust corsets? Anyone have any imput on something I should do for my dress?
BTW, I can order anything from Snobz corsets at a discount, , and they have some similar styles, although obviously without the lapels and tails!
Cath Sparrow
Still reading! biggrin.gif

I'd go with the open back personaly but that's my taste and watch it lapels are a little more complicated than you'd expect. I'd have a play with some mock up ones for practise if I was you.
For the over bust do you have a pattern for a fitted top or some such you could addapt it's easy enogh to add boneing once you figure the shape.
QUOTE (Mata @ Jan 9 2006, 11:28 AM)
BTW, I can order anything from Snobz corsets at a discount, , and they have some similar styles, although obviously without the lapels and tails!

I was acctually thinking about buying a Snobz corset and modifying it a bit (because I really really want lapels....) Though I'm really not confident enough in my own sewing skills to do it myself, so I'd have to find a trained tailor to maybehaps add in lapels for me.... I have a feeling it wouldnt have much effect on the corset, it would just take a bit of patience.

The other option is buying a corset and just making a shirt-type thing to go over it. Which might be a little less tedius than trying draft, fit and then bone a whole corset. But might also take away from the overall effect....

I think for now I'm going to mess around with Cath's fitted shirt idea, though the last time I tried searching for a suitable princess seam (darts wouldnt work.... most fitted shirts seem to have darts instead of full on seams these days.... blagh) I ended up getting distracted by the shape of the lapels on the shirts.... and then gave up because none of them suited me tongue.gif

I also have recently tried making lapels, it wasnt a double lapel type thing, it was only one, and it was rather easy but I cut the fabric too short which didnt really work too well in the end.... But I would definatley need a sort of double lapel type-ish thing .... I'm so picky! I need to go to the fabric store now =(

Last time I tried sewing my mum yelled at me because my room was a mess. (I cant sew without making a mess.... I get little threads and needles and peices of fabric everywhere. Waiting for my motivation to come back....)

Its been a long day/week/beginning of the year =( I'll update when I start a mock up of a possible corset so I can tell you all if I'm going to give up and buy a corset instead tongue.gif

BTW Mata: Still bugging my bro about buying his girlfriend a corset tongue.gif I might pull a "Here order me this stuff, please" and see if he just happens to throw an order for a corset in with it.... dry.gif
Just wondering what you people think of this....

Do you think a corset in the shape of a tux would have more of an effect than a corset under a shirt in the shape of a tux? Or do you think it wouldnt make too much of a difference?

The point being, it would be so much easier to make a shirt to go over a corset, rather than making/buying a corset and trying to get it all right without ruining it tongue.gif Which isnt too much of a problem, its just fiddly and I've yet to find a fabric I like and corsets I like are majorly expensive (though.... well I'm getting a job soon, and its my duty to spend my money unwisely for the first few months)

Cath Sparrow
Would it be possible to make it so the corset fit over the shirt? Or rather than having the shirt that looks like the tux jacket make purchse an actuall tux shirt (fancy dinner shirt with pin tucks) unbuttoned to the top of of the corset and a bow tie which you wear undone.
I'm sorry, on the topic of corsets and shirts, is it acceptable to wear a corset on top of a shirt? I'm a little bit of a novice on the case but have to wear one on Saturday and am a little bit apprehensive.

[/spam] (sorry)
I always wear my corset as outerwear. Unless your event is historically based, then wearing the corset over something is perfectly fine. Also, even if it is historically based, keep in mind that you should always wear some sort of protective layer underneath your corset, it will keep all of your bodies' oils and dirt off of the corset and make it last alot longer.

And Cath: clicky

Like that? I could. But for some reason I dont think it would look as classy if done that way. Though I did totally forget that I should have a bowtie to go with the outfit....

The good thing about doing it that way would be, I wouldnt have to spend any money at all. I could use the corset I have and the shirt I have (I have a longsleeve verion too....)

And I just thought of a different option for if I were going to need to add lapels to a corset, I could just make a shirt to go underneath that has lapels that hang over. Hah....
What about less of a corset style shirt, but with boning to provide the crazy shaped waist? I found a jacket kind of like what you're saying (link) but obviously you'd not want the buttons down the front for something that's not a jacket. The lapels sound kind of like what you've described, however. I need to take another look at your drawing.

I'm bidding on the jacket, btw. If I win and you like it, I could probably draw up a rough pattern of the way it's constucted.
That jacket looks pretty complicated! But pretty nifty, at the same time. If you get the jacket and have time to draw up a pattern that would be nice, thought its not _quite_ what I'm looking for for this anyway.

Oddly enough my drawings dont have lapels on them. Somehow they got left out.... Though for some reason I think its probably the most important aspect of the outfit. And I'm starting to think I'll be going for a corset and then I'll make a shirt to go over....
Not much of a creation, but I wasnt sure where else to put it!

Me dancing on my birthday. I DID edit the video, thats kind of creating something.
I had a group of small children gathered around me commenting on your dancing. I guess they liked it because they kept pointing at the screen shouting, "look! biggrin.gif

Oh, and I love that song! I haven't heard it in forever, though.
Wonderwall? tongue.gif Everyone loves wonderwall. The cameragirl was singing it.... which kind of annoyed me once I started replaying it! Oh well.

Thanks for the compliments happy.gif
The new hairstyle looks good and you both certainly can twirl!

Oasis are sometimes really big headed about their music, but the lead singer once said 'the worst singer in the world can do a cover of Wonderwall and it will still sound fantastic, it's one of those songs,' and I think he was right. The second album was great, then after that it was all downhill.
Curles are my birthday hair tongue.gif Though I think I'll be doing it more often because it is really really entertaining when bored!

Me: *Pulls curl* *watches it sproing back* *giggle* *repete*

Anyhow, after the day of dancing I feel like I need to dance more often, but sadly no one around here dances and Josh lives in Maryland....

Edit: when you said "new hairstyle" were you talking about the bangs, too? I forgot thats part of the 'new' bit.... I decided to do full out fringe tongue.gif
Curls must only be entertaining if you don't have them naturally. Snoo randomly pulled on my curls and said "sproiiing" on more than one occasion.

And awww, you looked so cute! Why the wardrobe change partway through?
Everyone knows you need a skirt on if you're going to do twirly dancing!

And yes, I was referring to the fringe, but the curls look nice too. smile.gif I used to know a guy with extremely curly hair and we all had hours of amusement while drunk by making it go 'sproing'.
I know TWO guys with super curly hair, in the SAME class! its almost too much to handle <.<

And you definatley need a good skirt when doing twirly dancing, but i also changed because I had opened my brothers present and he got me the socks and ths shirt. Both of which are very piratey and cool! Had to show it off....
{Gothic Angel}
Oooh... Curls. I have a question about curls. I have mid-length (just below my shoulders), layered hair (I'll post a picture from home later). I'm seriously considering next time I wash my hair doing the whole "wind bits of hair up in strips of fabric to make wavy curls" thing, but I have a funny feeling if I twist them up really tight until they wind right up into lots of little buns, they'll all kink out at right angles when they dry. Did you do yours with curling tongs or what?

Look at me, not starting new threads. I feel so proud. biggrin.gif
They use to make these things that they sold on infomercials which are basically just a tube of fabric stuffed with I guess polyfill, then they put snaps on the ends so you could snap them together. Thats what I used and they tend to work really well. If you used just strips of fabric I have a feeling it would probably not turn out so well....

My mom use to use old plastic grocery bags to roll her hair up on too.... It looks funny and they make weird noises, but they're free and get the job done. Theres also the traditional foam @ plastic snappy contraption things that you can find a beauty supply stores (I even saw them at the dollar store once) and well.... they hurt =(

I used a combo of the plastic and faom things and the first option I talked about.... It wasnt too bad feeling either tongue.gif I slept on them overnight.

Good luck happy.gif
That looks like it was a lot of fun! I've mostly curbed my habit of pulling curls out, but after watching that I spent about fifteen minutes bothering my curled friend. I stay firm in my belief that it's her fault for not putting them out of arm's reach.
All the fabric stores are starting to do Presidents Day sales, and I thought this might be a good time to run out and get some fabric for my prom outfit.

Does anyone agree that a dark grey silk dupioni would look good?
Its really hard to find a nice pin stripe fabric so I kind of gave up on that, but the dupioni has some nice lines in it. I was thinking it would be a modern-ish take on pinstripes tongue.gif

Thoughts? Dupioni is expensive and I dont want to go out and buy it only to start thinking that it wont look as good as intended
I need to find myself some tophat making instructions, because ladies and gentlemen! I found a lady that lives right down the street that sells buckram and millinary wire!

Acctually, she's my mum's costomer, they've known eachother forever. I might be able to get her to make me a little tophat tongue.gif
Using rags to curls your hair can look really impressive you just have to get them really tight and preferably sleep in them.

I sometimes do it but not for a while as I can only handle so many people yelling goldilocks at me before I have to wash the curls out again.
I dont mind being called goldilocks!
Then again, after a while it DOES get annoying.

And the last bit of video I have from my birthday!:

Guys dancing with guys and being all awkward tongue.gif So funny.
Cath Sparrow
The Grey Dupion sounds great to me.
You all made Josh dance alot! You cruel people you. tongue.gif
Acctually he was the one making us dance alot tongue.gif I just supported it. See, we had to get all the guys to dance because thats just too much to miss tongue.gif (I think they secretly liked it alot) And now Sean, the long haired blondie, is begging me to teach him to dance better tongue.gif

I think I'm going to do a mockup of the skirt I want to do tonight. Hopefully tongue.gif It will be in muslin though so It probably wont be too pretty
Cath Sparrow
I've got a skirt idea I need to pattern sometime. A long pencil skirt type shaped one with a big pleat with a split down the middle at the back.
If you get it patterned take a picture for me!
I didnt get to make the skirt because I realized I dont have a pattern and I cant pin fabric to myself.... Atleast not if I'm making a skirt tongue.gif
I need a bodydouble x.x;
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