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Cath Sparrow
Will do. It's type of skirt I've wanted for month and either cant afford or find so I thought stuff it I'll make it myself and also I can get exactly what I want this way to.
Exactly why I want to make my prom outfit tongue.gif

I consulted my dad on my fabric problem and he told me to buy a tux and cut it up tongue.gif Isnt that funny?

Do you think it would look weird if I had pinstripefabric for the top (I have a cotton suit jacket that would suffice) and the skirt made out of dupioni?
That's difficult to say until it's made... By which point it gets a bit late unfortunately.

Have you considered finding a tailor's dummy. They adjust to different sizes and would make the whole thing a lot easier.
The adjustable tailors dummys tend to be really expensive. I have thought about getting just a standard dress form, I could find one for fairly cheap (if I can remember the website x.x;) But I still dont have _that_ money.

Currently I barely have a sewingmachine. I was supposed to get one for my birthday but we're waiting for it to go on sale.... I guess I need to be patient and find a job and wait for my sewing machine first!

If only someone would hire me =(
Cath Sparrow
At this point in time I have 3 sewing machines one of which you'd be more than welcome to apart from the small distance problem. sad.gif
1 is my normal every day one, the second is 1950's hand crank Singer in pretty much perfect condition even though it was rescued from a skip, poor thing such a waste and the last is my Grandma's old one which no longer has room for and is to heavy for her to move which is now mine to give to who ever i want. I also got given an ajustable manaquin from my aunt.
I can see where not having a mannequin must drive you crazy, Kitty! I'm sort of encountering the same thing, as a friend of mine requested a skirt. She's skinnier than I and got skeeved out when I suggested she let me fit it, so I'm basically just hoping it'll drape right. Her own fault if a big wonky panel sticks out to the side. *humph*

What does barely having a sewing machine entail? I'm curious.
Well, I have one. But I dont have a place to set it up.... So its either setting it on the floor in my room and using my knee to press the petal down and getting horrible neck cramps.... Or using the livingroom and having to clean a huge mess up every half hour so my mom doesnt totally flip.

Acctually she flips out about it anyway.... Apparently I make a 'disaster area' wherever I go....

The sewingmachine itself is probably 25-30 years old and its kind of falling apart.... It still works fine, but you cant carry it with one hand otherwise it will fall apart....

I suppose if I really felt like it I could manage to sew and not get in major trouble and acctually get something done, but I really cant make a pencil skirt to fit me without someone elses help anyway tongue.gif
I love sewing machines, and any bits of crafty goodness (I have a button box. One for ribbons too). I currently own an electric 1950s Singer (black) and another late 50s rocket style machine in pistachio green biggrin.gif Have you tried looking in charity shops for tailors dummies?Or even going into a tailors and asking if you could borrown one for a "project"? Thats what I did with a mannequin when I needed one for an art project.
Theres not too many places around here that would have enough manequins laying around to lend one out. In fact, I dont know of any =( We have small tailor shops that probably dont make too much money.

On another note.... I got my sewing machine!!! I'm very exited, but havent taken it out of the box yet. My parents are being kind of weird about it.... I have to take classes to learn about all the stuff my machine does, and for some reason they think that I shouldnt open it till then (its just a sewing machine, its really not hard to use, I've used one of the same brand before....) And then a bit later i asked my dad if I could open it, he said he wanted to take pictures.... and then he turned the TV on and zoned out =( Parents....

Still excited though! I'll post some pictures once I get them taken!
Hooray for sewing machines! biggrin.gif
I lied, I never got a picture of my sewing machine up. I'm sorry. If anyone wants some though, I can certainly take some tongue.gif I have a video of me opening it and looking all goofy and I could upload that too.

The REAL reason I'm finally posting again is because I finally found a solution to my hat problem! I'm getting it costom made!

Thankfully, my mom knows alot of people, and happens to know a victorian costumer who lives nearby, so I sent her an email telling her my situation and she agreed to make me a hat similar to this:
For the low low cost of $45!

I'm so happy !
Ohh! Yay! happy.gif

Now that you have to post pictures of when it is finished.
I still need to figure out how I'm going to pay her and if I need to get my head measured by her or something of the sort, but I'll most definatley post pictures of it when it is finished!
Ahh, to my loyal readers:

I, being the lovely woman I am, have gotten an invitation to prom! Yipee. Really I'm just going because the guy I'm going with is my friend and I felt he might not find another date if I didn't say yes.

Anyyyway! I have two dress options as of late. The first thing I was going to wear was a few things I found laying around the house that happen to look really good together:

The SECOND one, I saw in a store, and immediatley fell in love with it because It's an awesomely outragous colour, and its sparky, and its lowcut *cough* and it has a nice slit up the front *cough again* it was cheap (for a prom dress) and it was my size! So....

Who thinks what is better?
The second picture isn't working, so it's a bit tricky to tell!

I've decided to think it's sweet that you're showing off, mainly because it beats feeling traumatised by it smile.gif

is nicer. especially with the working link like that one^, but then again, the first picture is a bit dark so it's hard to tell.
Mind, my webcam sucks.... Appy polly loggies.

And sorry Mata! But I am 16 x.x; not 12 anymore!
I love the green dress and I might steal it from you if you don't wear it tongue.gif
Hehe ^^ If you pay me 70 bucks, Voices, then sure! Have at it.

I'm thinking I'll probably wear the green though, unless someone says something horrible about it that makes me totally change my mind....
The only problem that I could think of about the green dress is that since you bought it from a store, someone else may be wearing the same dress.

Not that it matters much anyway, as long as you look better in it than the other person does. tongue.gif
Cath Sparrow
You may want to get some wig tape for the green dress with it being low cut it looks a little gapey and the wig tape will make sure it doesn't go walk abouts and expose what you dont want to. biggrin.gif
Both look good from what I could see. I did a similar thing reasontly and fell in love with a dress which I'm now wearing to friends wedding. biggrin.gif Twas expensive but couldn't leave it in the shop.
Which also means I've got to go hunting for my creations thread soon seeing as I've made her some jewellery to wear at her wedding.
I think I'm just going to go with the green dress, it's not my prom, so I dont care if my parents dont like it, they can fuss over me for _my_ prom.

I think I'd be a bit less comfortable with my dress taped to me rather than making sure I dont move in a way that will make my dress shift weird.... tape just seems icky

Now the only problem is.... I need to go get a tan <.<

And Cath I would LOVE to see the jewlry you made
Tan? Bah! Don't bother with that. 99% of caucasian women look better when they remain pale and interesting. It beats slapping on the fake stuff and turning orange, less chance of cancer (well, skin cancer anyway), and your skin remains looking fabulous as you get older. It does mean that you need to get the make-up right though.

Oh, and that dress looks really good on you. I think it depends what kind of impression you want to make though, the corset will make one type of impact, the dress another. Both look good (from what it possible to see with the camera). If you're happy with either then go for the most comfortable. From another perspective you could wear the corset outfit and look at it as a way of getting used to the outfit for your own prom.

As for the age thing, I think I'm getting over that. You're probably mostly safe for the next couple of years, but I expect I'll have a little resurgence of it when you turn 18 and I'm 31! ohmy.gif
Aww, when I turn 18, Mata, I'll fly to England and let you buy me one of my first legal drink! tongue.gif Of course, it wouldn't be legal in america....

Stop teasing me about my camera tongue.gif Its my webcam, because its the quickest thing to take pictures with! Rawr.

I am going with the green, its alot more comfortable and everyone will get the 'wow thats a different dress' reaction next year.... Plus I want to do some sort of outragous color tongue.gif I'm a bit tired of all black and white!

So Mata, maybehaps you're right, I probably wont go get a tan, I'm too lazy and would need to bug one of my parent's to take me to the tanning salon.... Eh. I will go out and buy some tinted lotion (not self tanner) just to give my skin some sort of color tongue.gif

Now I need to run off and call work to make sure they dont schedule me for prom night!
depressed lonely crazy person
I know I've posted this before but it seems so usefull for people with suportive assitant types.3 duct tape or allternative dummys
I must have missed that link before. It looks useful! I'd say that it would be better to use cling-film rather than a T-shirt when applying the tape.

Using 'mod-rock' (strips of gauze with plaster on them, that you build up layers with then it sets solid, you can get it from craft shops) could make a very accurate body shape that could be stiffened with papier-mâché and stuffed.
I'm personally NOT a fan of the duct tape body form. My friend Lynne did one a while back and it didn't turn out as her measurements, Then me and her did them a bit later to see if we could somehow manage some better results, but nothing really.

I think the mod-rock version Mata is talking about is probably a better option. They acctually sell kits for around $200 that have that sort of thing in them, with a special foam that you use to fill the mold up with, and it also comes with a stand and everything.

The main problem being.... you have to know someone you trust to see you in the buff and be putting strips of plaster-y gauze all over you. That type of person I dont have tongue.gif
I guess there's also the factor that you're still growing and will most likely be a different shape in a few years anyway!

I've not had time to sew anything new for ages, but everything I made years ago is still strong and in good condition, so I don't really need anything new either. The last thing I made was my long coat, because it's hard to find anything ankle length when you're over six feet tall! It still gets nice comments from lots of people, so I must have done a pretty decent job with it.
depressed lonely crazy person
I'd considered making up a lycra long sleeve thing or a calico shift to wear underneath or just buying those bonds under shirts that are waaaaay long with slim bodies
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