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Cath Sparrow
There corset looks brilliant I think it's an improvment to to make it underbust.
I don't know, I really dig the corset without a shirt. What would fairies need with shirts anyway?

The poofy sleeves would be the way to go, though. But if you could hook the wings just directly to the corset, I think it would look really nice.
tongue.gif Faeries that will be in public areas not ordained as Nudist Camps?


I dunno if you can tell but the corset is underbust and I'm wearing a tank top underneath.... The problem is its not too faerie-ish and not comfortable at all so I need something a bit more appropriate. Hence the shirt.

I'm thinking I'll have wings that do hook directly to the corset but I'm not sure yet. I need to figure out what I'm going to do with the frame and such and my friend Lynne who's sopposed to be helping me out with this keeps telling me "yeah you can come over!" and when I call to make sure I still can she ignores my call....


^^; I need fabric, thats the thing. And I'm not on too good terms with my mum at the moment and dad does this dreadfull look when I ask him.... errr
How about cutting out leaf shapes from a few shades of green fabric and sewing those to the top that you're wearing in the photo? That way you wouldn't need to buy a shirt (although you'd probably need to invest in sun block).
^____^ I am the queen of the 60+ spf sunblock!

That acctually sounds like a good idea. I'll try and get someone to take me to the fabric store today....

Faire starts in 10 days! Woo!
Just a suggestion for the shirt, how about something a little like the one in the attached picture. I have the pattern and it is very simple and easy to play about with, plus it is designed to go under corsets and bustier style tops so should be fairly comfortable, as well as looking good once you have altered it to suit the outfit. tongue.gif

shirt maybe?

Looking at what you've been discussing so far, I was thinking more along the lines of the gypsy costumes version, a lightweight fabric would look really good with the wings and not over power that gorgeous corset.

Leaves? Leaves! If you do the leaves I want to see as there is something similar I am wanting to try....scratch that I would kill for pictures anyway. biggrin.gif
tongue.gif My friend Lynne acctually has that pattern. I dont think she's made it yet, though. The thing is she's the unreliable friend of mine who has yet to help me with the things she was so extatic about helping me with 0.0 @.@;

I could make a pattern like that from scratch though, its rather simple tongue.gif Its mostly squares/rectangles.

I didnt make it to the fabric store today either.... Theres most my problem tongue.gif I need fabric!! *dies* But before that I need to earn some monies.... Cuz I hate asking my parents to buy me stuff, not sure why.
I didnt make it to the fabric store today either.... Theres most my problem tongue.gif I need fabric!! *dies* But before that I need to earn some monies.... Cuz I hate asking my parents to buy me stuff, not sure why.

Probably a case of personal pride, to an extent there's no harm in that, it keeps you independent. Hope you work something out fabric-wise soon though.
I'm not sure about pride. Could be. I really want to be independant though.

Still havent made it there. Still havent finished the wings either.... alas. Maybe I'll just skip turning the shirt fae-esque. I'm not sure if I'm wearing that outfit the first day either (depends on weather). So well, the first day is in 5 days, I'll post pictures then tongue.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
K!77y: You're going to the Renaissance Faire? I want to go but my mom has no idea how to get there.

I saw a pair of fairy-esque wings in a store once...but they were pinkish. Good luck with making your own! smile.gif
I used to go to the Renaissance fair every year, and my family would walk out broke every year. Now, we live hours away from it. Oh well.

Don't they sell faerie wings at the fair? Or would you count that as cheating?
VIMH: At my faire it depends. Sometimes they have wing vendors and sometimes they dont. I'm not sure whats going on this year, but last year I didnt much care for the wings they have. It might be considered cheating, also tongue.gif I like to make most of my costume, especially the crowning part. Its just I procrastinate too much and dont want to do anything till I'm absolutley sure of how I'm going to do it.

Silver: You'd be going to the One in NY then right? I wish I could go to that one.... I've heard its one of the best. But alas, I go to the Maryland one. WHich is also one of the best tongue.gif
This raises a good point for UK people: what actually is a Renaissance Faire? It's not like the US was even populated by white settlers at the time of the renassiance...
HAH! Finally! Someone asks!

We all pretend to be english blokes 0.0; The accents get pretty crazy, trust me.

Actually I havent even heard someone at the Faire ask that question, not even jokingly. Thats rather odd.... It is rather silly to have Renaissance Festivals in America when there was no 'America' at the time....

We're just silly Americans looking for another thing to celebrate tongue.gif Though I know there is things like the Renaissance Festival in europe (I'm not sure about all of europe but Mum says there was one in Germany) Its not quite as extravagent from what I hear....
She might be thinking of Oktoberfest, which mainly involves the wearing of lederhosen, clogs, and the consuming of vast amounts of beer served in tankards by comly wenches.

Americans still could be English if you like us so much. All you need to do is decide that your current leader is rubbish and you'd rather be ruled by the Queen and the British parliment. We'll make guns illegal, lower the drinking age, and rename your rednecks 'chavs'.
QUOTE (K!77y @ Aug 23 2005, 09:47 PM)
The accents get pretty crazy, trust me.

It's funny to hear all of the people with thick Southren accents try to sound British.

Does the Fair you go to have those Giant swings that Are suspended about 20ft in the air and seats 4 people? (I'm just curious, as I've never been to any of the fairs outside of Texas.)
Thoes swings sound awesome!!!!

And no our Fest doesnt have one x.X; We're getting a pirate ship though!!

I think I'll be making a video this year of the Festival and such, so I might be able to get that online and all that cool stuff so you'll see exactly what my RenFest is like tongue.gif

MATA! More compliments from you wing pattern from Lynne and her Mum. tongue.gif

Though, I was thinking about it yesterday, something about the wings seemed slightly off (its nothing to do with the acctual pattern) And I'm wondering if anyone noticed the same thing....

I know what the problem is and someone that knows about the GoldenRatio/fibbonacci numbers probably has an idea now that I mentioned it tongue.gif
After a couple hours of hotglue and organza tackled with a soldering iron, this is what I came up with! biggrin.gif

And a closeup (a crappy closeup) on the finished edges....

And voila!!!

I hotglued the organza down, then trimmed it and figured out that I couldnt trim it as close as I wanted to, and the hotglue that leaked off the edges cant be trimmed down too easially, so lucky for me! I have a soldering iron. Which is very usefull for melting organza down too resulting in a pretty nifty looking edge tongue.gif though its still slightly rough and I ended up burning holes in some parts of the wings 0.0 And some parts need to be glued down again but in all I think it turned out really really great! The fabric isnt loose or anything and I love the design Mata made! YAY!

BTW: I have picture editing problems and can never figure out when a picture is too small.... Sorry for the huge pictures tongue.gif
They look fantastic! I'm really impressed! I'm looking forward to seeing them with the whole outfit.

The picture sizes are fine, some people have bigger avatars than your two pictures combined (until I notice and moan at them! biggrin.gif).
Yay! I'm glad you like them! tongue.gif I just need something to cover up the brace.... and I'm thinking I might make another leaf to put there.

Which is the answer to the question I had about why they might seem a bit awkward looking to some people. Everything in nature follows the Golden Ratio unless its a mutation, and the golden ratio corresponds to the fibbonacci numbers which usually go in the sequence:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc

There's no 'four' so adding another leaf in there to cover the brace might just suit my needs tongue.gif
{Gothic Angel}
Holy hell... those are awesome biggrin.gif I want some!

Now all we need is pictures of the finished outfit tongue.gif
Ah, so that's what you meant about the fibonacci sequence. That's all well and good in principle, but not everything in nature works like that. I can't remember the name of the plant, but there's one that grows with spiny leaves in straight rows along its branches. It looks really cool! It's very weird to see such a symetrical plant.

I based the four-leaf idea on butterfly wings (which was probably pretty obvious) crossed over with the woodland nature of fairies, hence the four leaf pattern. You know, I somehow doubt that people at the faire will look at your wings and say 'you know, they look great, but they just don't fit with the fibonacci sequence...' wink.gif
You're funny, Mata tongue.gif

But true, I doubt anyone will start thinking about fibbonacci sequences and how my wings dont fit thm tongue.gif Its just that when I see them I get that little prang in the very back of my mind thats like "Well whats WRONG with this picture" Even though I absolutley adore the wings tongue.gif

Anyhow, Faire starts tomarrow. I'm rather annoyed right now because I have to re-sew my Mom's corset, which I'm annoyed at because 1 the boning pieces are too long and 2, its boned with plastic and probably wont hold up for long. She's going to wear this shirt underneath that doesnt suit the rest of the outfit and I'm just really annoyed about it. But sigh, alas, thats how things work with mothers....

I just hope my Dad decides to come so I dont have to stick with her the whole day.

I'll post pictures sometime Sunday morning for you all to see tongue.gif
Have fun at the faire! 'Hope the corset fixing goes well!

I can't ever imagine my mother would consider wearing a corset, even for a costume... Actually, I just don't want that imagine in my head all-round...
tongue.gif I can understand that reasoning. Though its not any sortah bodage looking corset or anything ! lol. But if she starts over "fluffing" (which is what we call it when you hike everything up) Then I just might 'accidentally' kill her corset or something....

Eheh. I'm hoping I'll have fun anyway tongue.gif Might get the camcorder tomarrow too so I might be able to get videos up soon! Squee!
Wow, they look fab! Can't wait to see you in the whole outfit biggrin.gif Hope you have fun times at the fest wink.gif
Cath Sparrow
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 27 2005, 12:28 AM)
Have fun at the faire! 'Hope the corset fixing goes well!

I can't ever imagine my mother would consider wearing a corset, even for a costume... Actually, I just don't want that imagine in my head all-round...

I dont have to I saw my mum in a corset when I was younger and dad in tights! Amittedly it was because they use to do piriod danceing in full costume, and people wonder why I like to dress up? (might see if I can find a picture to scan in of the parents)

The wings look very good hope you have fun at the Faire. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
MATA!!! Someone wants me to make wings for them tongue.gif But I figured I didnt really want anyone else to have wings _exactly_ like mine and you made the pattern for me (I think?) so I thought it'd be kind of wrong to make wings for her from the same pattern....

So I might modify yours or if you have another idea then I'd be glad to see it tongue.gif

So today was fun, I'm a bit weary and just wanna lay down and eat my pizza but I'll update pictures for you tomarrow morning tongue.gif I didnt get to take a video cuz it was raining when we left and I didnt think my Dad would let me take his camcorder.... But maybe next weekend happy.giff

Its morning and I updated the pictures. I thought it would be easier just to link you to the ablum so just click here!
{Gothic Angel}
Kitty's so pretty! biggrin.gif

You look amazing. The wings look fab on as well as off. And you clearly did a good job on your mum's corset as well wink.gif What are you holding in the first pic?

And at the guy with the knives and the tightrope... Wow.
I suppose I should explain the pictures!! The first picture is me (kind of obvious) I didnt make the skirts but you can see the pants sticking out on the bottom, I made thoes (the shoes totally arent period.... avoid looking at them!) The skirts are silk and I bought them rather inexpensively at a discount store, I'm holding a rose which is the first one of the season ^^ And the first one I've acctually had without being disturbed. I got it dipped in wax to preserve it but the seal cracked and its already turning brown =(.... And theres a basket in my arm that I had snuck food in with tongue.gif Along with my camera and monies.

The second piccy is my mum, the whole outfit is made by us sans the shirt and the jewlry. The corset I ended up finishing last minute.... and now I feel like ripping it apart again and redoing it because the topstitching isnt so great and the top is a bit too big (in the back anyway)

The third picture is my hand holding my waxed rose tongue.gif It still looks good there, though the picture is slightly out of focus (to my annoyance) The guy who waxed it for me is named Vincent and he's a rather disturbing person. In his 40's and still hitting on children, to shame! He's still nice though tongue.gif

The 4th and Last picture is (well I forgot his name) But his show is called Squire of the Wire, his show is funny tongue.gif I'll have to get it on tape soooooon!

5th picture is of Josh and Joey. They're in no way related tongue.gif Josh is 23 (24?) and is the manager of the booth pictured. Which happens to be blowguns tongue.gif Shoot down 5 targets and win a free beer! (or.... soda....) Joey is my friend Lynne's (not pictured) little brother. I suppose he just felt like helping out.

And the 6th piccy is Jamie, who works at the faire. She's very nice, has an extra rib (just random fact) And umm.... she doesnt like glitter. Though no pirate should like glitter, so thats okay. tongue.gif
Ah yes, ye olde pirates. We have lots of those in the England...

You all look fabulous!

Now, the next time you see a person juggling on a teeter-board (otherwise known as a rola-bola (pronounced a bit like 'roller-bowler') you have to shout out the traditional heckle of 'under the leg!'. Under the leg is one of the basic juggling tricks that involves lifting one leg and... doing the obvious with a juggling implement. Clearly it's impossible on a teeter board, and it a good way to mess with the performer's mind. Actually, maybe you shouldn't shout out this, I've only done it to people I know...
OU OU OU!!!! I'm going to do it!!! lol! Though maybe I'll talk to the guy before his show....

HEHE! This'll be fun.... lol. Mata you're a bad, bad influence on young, bored minds.
Cath Sparrow
Look really fab the wings look soooo cool!

Who says Pirates dont like glitter!!!!! I know quite a few who do (me included) and what about the treasure that glitters!!! tongue.gif

Go on dare you to do what Mata said! Go on you know you want to! tongue.gif
I'm going to have to happy.gif This coming weekend, if it doesnt rain, and if I beg my dad to come, I'll get him to video tape it tongue.gif

And pirates arent supposed to like glitter! Unless its pirate pox (the chunky stuff kids use for crafts) and thats just used as blackmail. If you like glitter you must be a paerie, faerat or a pirie (mix between a faerie and a pirate) Which is acctually the look I'm _trying_ to go for this year but I dont have enough black yet.... *pout*

So Mata! About that women wanting wingezes, am I allowed to mass produce your wing pattern if I feel so inclined? And can I change it around a bit so they dont look _exactly_ like mine? I feel I need to ask since I noticed the little "copywrite by Mata 2005" in very very light grey on the image huh.gif
Yes, you can make more of them, but if you start making lots of money then royalties would be appreciated! Say, 5%?
I wouldnt have a problem with that! tongue.gif

I still havent figured how much to charge for them yet! I know most that I see online are atleast $100 but that seems rather outragous to me....
I know a chap who works on the principle that he thinks of a number, adds to that what he'd like to earn for the job, then doubles it. I'm sure most people don't say yes to that figure, but enough do to keep him very well paid!
That to me would end up at about $150. Which I think is outragous and I would never pay for a pair of wings that cost that much tongue.gif

I think I'll ask her what she's thinking of paying first and if she sets a good number fine, if not then I'll bump it up a bit tongue.gif

Its not every day that I get people asking me to make wings.... <.< I should wear an advertisement around my neck!

Oh oh that reminds me! This year there's a kissing game going around at Faire. You get this board that says like "The Kissing Game of Silence" and on the back theres a list of the rules. So basically if you see someone with it you kiss them, but then you get the curse and cant talk till someone kisses you.

Very popular. tongue.gif Though I'm trying to stay out of it x.X;
{Gothic Angel}
QUOTE (K!77y @ Aug 29 2005, 10:44 PM)
Oh oh that reminds me! This year there's a kissing game going around at Faire. You get this board that says like "The Kissing Game of Silence" and on the back theres a list of the rules. So basically if you see someone with it you kiss them, but then you get the curse and cant talk till someone kisses you.

Very popular. tongue.gif Though I'm trying to stay out of it x.X;

The kissing game isn't some sort of STI awareness thing is it? tongue.gif

Wings-wise - if they were going for $100 everywhere else, and yours were even something like $80, I would still go for the $80 pair...
QUOTE ({Gothic Angel} @ Aug 31 2005, 05:24 AM)
The kissing game isn't some sort of STI awareness thing is it?  tongue.gif


Of course not biggrin.gif

And I agree with you on the wings thing. I always go for the cheapest I can get, even if its only cheaper by a dollar.

Edit: I finished a new corset yesterday. Tudor style. Its reversible to the same fabric my Mum's corset is made out of, though I dont have a picture of it cuz I didnt feel like unlacing myself, flipping the corset around and relacing myself cuz thats just a pain x.X;

That looks really cool. Good job on the corset!
Thanks, heh ^^

Theres a few things I need to fix on it.... need to add two peices of boning for reinforcement, re top stitch the top because it wasnt done too well and erm.... the eyelets already popped out.... x.X; Also its a bit too big and I need to overlap the back when I lace it....

That doesnt keep it from looking cool though tongue.gif
First off: I'm a bad bad double poster! shame on me....

Secondly: LOOK! biggrin.gif

I got my corset this weekend ^^;;; It can still be laced a little tighter.... But here we are with my mummeh:


Awww, arent I cute? I look like an imp. Impy imp imp....

Anyhow, I'm really excited about this thing. Its really nicely made, though its not Renaissance at all, its victorian unsure.gif

Oh well biggrin.gif
Cat in a basket: check
Stripey tights: check
Wings: check
Cool Victorian corset: check
Impy imp imp: check

Yep, you look great. You have your mother's eyes. Your mother definitely looks more medieval than you do though!
Snugglebum the Destroyer
I totally adore that corset. *drool*

And lookit the teeny tiny waist! smile.gif
^^; It can be laced tighter! By about an inch. But my ribs arent use to that size yet sooo I'm not going to try to get it any tighter for a while.... tongue.gif

The 'Cat in the basket' Is WildThing ^^; Jax sent him to me, he's acctually not a cat.... He has wings and no tail and he has lil tusks, awwwh ^^;
I dressed him as an ickle lil pirate!

As for my mummeh, she does look alot more medieval than I do.... Which is funny because her 'garb' is made entirely from things laying around the house because a certain someone *coughs innocently* Didnt finish her bodice....

All in all, she could have looked alot better, and now I'm just being nitpicky!

Wee! Thanks for the compliments happy.gif I'll probably be making some victorian clothing to go over the corset fairly soon.... Er, well once I get money.... and I'll post pictures of that, of course ^^;

Also! We went out and got new batteries for our camcorder so I'm hoping and praying that next week I can record some stuff and get it online
Cath Sparrow
*drools over corset* Oop's Sorry *wipes off with sleeve* tongue.gif
Right that it I need a brocade one next. You both look brilliant.
ohmy.gif You both defenitly get the "best costume" award.

I've never heard of a pirate fairy, though... biggrin.gif
Heh! You got it! Pirate-faerie ^^;; Also known as a faerat, pirie, or the most popular! Parody.... I dunno how we get parody though....

I'm looking for a hat to go with my Homecoming outfit (which is going to be based around my corset.... tongue.gif) But I want one of thoes lil miny tophat-like things that sit sortah off to the side on your head... I think they were worn as riding hats during the Victorian times but I cant find any pictures or places to buy them online....

Any help?
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