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Full Version: a new poem
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torn love notes
A Life Yet To Be held Dear

Such a fragile life, treated with no compassion. I drop the knife, and put out the flame, now what is left but an insignificant light to brighten the lives of all of those who gave? My wrists are intact, yet my life seems to fade.The voices don't stop in a silence that no one of this Earth can come to hear.I look ot my right to find the source of all my miseries.She Sits with a grin smiling at the site of my dispare. I begin to wonder what it is that i have done to be worthy of recieving a life so full of woe.
I cry, for the first time in my life.Her smile begins to vanish into a frown. The light of the night seems to change the will of her. Life fading, with my vision blurred. The love is nonexistant, her presence gone makes the pain detract.The darkness, vanquished, the light prevailed. A life treated with no compashion, yet so beautiful and pure, for it to be waisted would deliver sorrow to everyone who cared....
tv with legs
i feel specail and fuzzy.
its a good poem, work on the over all dynamics.
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