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Full Version: *waves*
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Hi, I'm new. *waves*
Yeah, thats about all i have to say at the moment.
Quoth(The Raven)
Welcome aboard! watch out for flying critters!

Hello! Have fun here, discuss whatever you want unless it's obsene. That's about all you need to know except detailed questions about color and stuff, and there's a thread for that.
Hi! Feel free to visit the Matabar! It should be back to normal pretty soon.
Quoth(The Raven)
Normal being a relative term...
Tell us more about yourself!

*duct tapes BTMH to the ceiling*

thanks for comming and feel free to stop by the Matabar...

if you like normality that is...

well for now at least...
Quoth(The Raven)
The repair Elves saved the day, again, and, for once, they did it for free...

But it wasn't entirely altruistic... events in The Matabar were screwing up a number of parallel universes... by destroying one reality generator, they were able to collect paychecks (And commissions to clean up subsequent damage) from a number of other clients...

But the Matabar is back to ab-normal, again, and open for business...
Welcome to Matazone. Beware the craziness, lest it consume your soul in burning flames of INSANITY!!! *laughs like a maniac and runs away* Yep. For anything you need to know, check the pinned threads. The people here are mostly sane. Most of the time. smile.gif
Quoth(The Raven)
QUOTE (Astarael @ Aug 31 2005, 09:21 PM)
The people here are mostly sane. Most of the time.  smile.gif

You take that back... (laugh.gif)
Do you want me say that everyone is always sane?
Or do you want be to say that everyone is constantly insane? biggrin.gif
I'm not sure which is true, really.... I'll go off and think about that for a while.
Quoth(The Raven)
well, sanity is relative, isn't it? What is considered sane for one group, may be quite insane for another... to get serious, for just one moment, for example, up until a very short time ago, homosexuality was considered a form of insanity... families would routinely lock up their gay children in instsitutions, subject them to electroshock therapy, and even have them lobotomised... Now adays, the intolerant no longer think of homosexuality as insanity... they think of it as immorality... the more things change, the more the stay the same...

This is way too serious for a newbie thread...

So, anyway, what's so sane about an (Alleged) adult writing about an imaginary dragon, and flying cats, anyway? laugh.gif
I think that the psychological definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So the people here aren't really insane except by the standards of boring people who refuse to venture onto the Internet for fun. Yay us with our questionable sanity status! tongue.gif
Good point about changing standards of sanity, Quoth.
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