This may be hard to understand if you don't do fortune cards. But the fox means sly some one not telling the whole truth and turns all postive cards negtive.

I don't like it much but I want to know if any one could give me some advice on how to improve or what they think. Also wheather they think I should show my friends with out any worries.

smile.gif thanks. Much appricated XX

It's very negive I know but the fox is a negtive card smile.gif

The Fox

Hidden in forest of a dark dwelling night
Two eyes lay glaring, on you this time
Remember A Fox is cleaver
Extremely sly too

When you see a heart donít feel itís always love
If a friend appears itís not always trust
Dogís can never be always a mans best friend
And with a fox prowling
It never seems to end
People donít always tell you the whole truth
A child is not innocent as you once thought true
And just remember when The Fox does appear
From the hidden dark, and starts to prowl your cards
You are the pray
The one it wants
Never ignore the signs if I am going to read the next card

Also just remember this piece of info too
If this does appear as your first card
Never think I am going to trust you