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Full Version: Help Requested - Music Video
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Full details are in my Livejournal, but the long and short of it is that I want to direct a music video for Pink Floyd's The Trial (it's on Disc 2 of The Wall). I've never done anything like this before, so I'm calling out to anybody who has - what do I need to know? Any advice at all would be welcome. And if you're in the London area and would like to help out, I'd be very thankful smile.gif
Specifically: who knows anything about video editing software? Anything at all? Mata?
I know its not what you're looking for at all, but my brother once made a 'music video' type thing using powerpoint. You just get the song to play in the background and then use pictures and timed slides and all of that cool stuff to make the video.

Just thought it was a nifty idea, it was something for school. As for video editing software Mac has some stuff that my dad use to work with (I think it came with the software) but no one really uses Imacs....
Turns out funked)out_frog knows a trick or two when it comes to video editing, so she'll be handling that biggrin.gif
I use Quicktime Pro for my (very basic) video editting needs. I also often publish from there into an image sequence then use batch processing in Photoshop to apply frame-by-frame effects, which no doubt would be a lot easier if I had/bothered to learn Adobe Premier.
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