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Full Version: Ear Gauging
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I wasn't too hesitant about starting my size 16 gauges. I was hoping if anyone could give me personal experiences. I seem to be getting a lot of mixed ideas and information. I really don't want them so streched that I can't grow them back. I'm thinking like a 4 gauge. Would it be easily noticeable without them in, and would it ever grow back? Any other information!



Feel free to message me at chickvicious159 <aim
My advice: Check out BME. Best resource for all things body mod.
I haven't gauged my ears, so I can't really help you there. Of course, should your ears fail to grow back in after gauging them, there's always reconstructive surgery as a last resort.
Okay. I'm gauging to right now. A regular hole is either a 20kg or a 18kg. I went from a 18 to a 14, a 14 to an 8. I'm an 8 right now. My suggestion is go down by every size, if you can find each size, if not then, if your a regular 18, put in a 14kg barbell. Leave that in for about a week or two. No, need to clean it, its not that much big of a difference, but it is a slighty tight squeeze, no need to worry. After the one or two weeks are up, go to a store like Icings, Claires, Hottopic, or Spencers, and I perfer getting a 8kg, but not the plug 8kg, get a slide in, where it starts small and gets larger, its alot easier and alot less painful, If you want to get down to a 2, then this is the best way. Use Vaseline, to moisturize your ear where your putting the gauge through, slide it in slowly and carefully, when it starts to sting, stop and wait awhile until the sting goes away to push it in further. If you don't use vaseline that you can rip your ear lobe and it gets quite messy. Once you have the whole 8kg in leave it in for 2 weeks, so it has time to heal. Make sure you keep it very clean so it don't get infected. Use an ear care antiseptic, dial soap, and make sure you take out the gauge and clean it as well, if you take it out for two minutes, your holes won't close but make sure you put the gauge back in. Gradually go down. But when you go to a 4kg, switch the vaseline to lube because vaseline isn't enternal and it won't prevent from infection, after a 4kg is starts stretching more and you'll need lube, its a better moisturizor. Never use alcohol, to clean your ears, it will close the holes. if you need anymore help just ask =]
weeeell, mine are now a zero, which is normally considered "the point of no return," meaning they won't shrink back. I myself, said I'd only go to about a 4, but it gets addicting to be honest. No matter how many time you gauge them, its never big enough. this of course, could just be my own personality trait but whatever... Gauges also STINK, and it gets worse as you get bigger, however it can be semi avoid by usage if wood plugs. lastly, and i cant stress this enough, TAKE IT SLOW!!!! Once you rip your ear, even a little, will create scar tissue which makes it harder to stretch later.
Holy thread necromancy, Batman!

Someone else said that. Now the game is to figure out who!
I was thinking the same thing, but it's reasonable advice.

I can't say it's ever appealed to me, the whole stretched ear thing. I guess it looks okay, but I don't think it's particularly appealing - we're not tribes people so it just seems a little odd. I've got various Jungian theories about why it feels right for people to do it, but I'll leave those for some other day.
I think certain ones look cool. I might do it some day, a little bit bigger than a dime, but smaller than a penny. Not particularly fond of causing irreparable damage, so keeping 'em small and my options open for reconstructive surgery when I'm older. I think these things look awesome, maybe different colors/designs though..

Less than a year before I can get piercings without parental consent. ohmy.gif (My mom won't go for any of this stuff.)
QUOTE (Mata @ Nov 9 2009, 11:15 PM) *
I've got various Jungian theories about why it feels right for people to do it, but I'll leave those for some other day.

And now I'm intrigued. Anything Jungian is always welcome, not least just to try and say the word, "Jungian".
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